Monday, March 30, 2009


This is what was waiting on the Daddy-to-Be!

Future Big Brother

Future Big Sister!

The Parent's-to-Be!

That's right. I'm PREGNANT!!!!! Jonathan and I have waited over 2 years for this miracle and we are so excited that The Lord has blessed us with this incredible gift. We found out last week. On last Tuesday morning I did my usual pregnancy test I do each month if I have some lying around the house not expecting anything, but a big fat negative, but to my surprise it had a light line. I did not believe it so I went on with my day thinking nothing about it. Wednesday morning I get up for work and take my only other test I have and another light pink line pops up! I totally could not believe it. I went to work then around 8:30 left to pick up some First Response test from Rite Aid. I took one right away and it was POSITIVE too. I could not believe what I was seeing. I called ART right then. I went and got my blood drawn an hour later and got the results that afternoon. My HCG was 49 and Progesterone was 14. Next thing was to figure out how to tell the Daddy to Be! I've had these monogrammed bandanna's for the dog's that said Future Big Brother and Future Big Sister for well over a year so I knew I was going to use them. I went and had a banner made for our mantel that said Congratulations Daddy. Then got some pink and blue balloons, and a cute picture frame from Storkland that says Daddy and Me on it. I had the video camera going as soon as he walked in the house. It was such an awesome moment because he never expected it to happen.

I went back to the doctor today for my 2nd blood draw and my HCG level went from 49 to 780.6 and my P4 went from 14 to 33.6. I decided I could not keep it a secret anymore. Jonathan and I go back in one week for our first Ultrasound. I promise to take lots of pictures.

As everyone knows Jonathan and I have really struggled at times with our infertility, but we would not take back a thing that has happend. Without ART I would not have been diagnosed with PCOS and taking daily meds for it. I would not have known I had a polyp and had it removed. My body would not have been regulated if not for all the fertility drugs. I could go on and on at how much ART has done for us even though our Miracle was conceived on a "natural" cycle.

Now let me post some pictures. More updates to come soon!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Trip to the Hospital

My dad had been home for exactly 2 weeks yesterday. Then he started hallucinating really bad all day Saturday so my mom had to call the ambulance. He was taken back to Baptist East where he was admitted. They did a MRI on his brain which came back showing no tumors or blood clots. These are the 2 things are were really concerned about as were his oncologist and radiologist. He scan did show shrinkage of the brain. This is normal and happens to everyone as they get older, but his was more advanced for someone his age. We are pretty sure he is about to get diagnosed with dementia. We are all trying to stay positive and hope they can figure out what medications are going to help him the most. He is still in hospital and has to have someone with him 24 hours a day.

He had an appt last Thursday with his doctor's at the Cancer Center and his PET Scan results came back showing that his cancer has not spread. Thank you Lord! We are all very excited about this, but we do realize he is a VERY sick man. We are all praying that he gets to the point that he is able to undergo chemo and radiation.

I will update my blog as soon as we hear something for sure this week. Please continue to keep my dad and our entire family in your prayers. Especially my mother. As everyone knows she has Parkinson's and is not in the best health herself. She is really tired and stressed. She really hopes to get back to work soon because that is what makes her happy. I pray that she can get back to a little bit of a "normal" life soon.

Friday, March 20, 2009


My dad is finally home after being in the hospital, Healthsouth, and back to the hospital for over a month. He came home on Saturday afternoon. He has his own hospital bed, wheelchair, walker, and everything else he needs. While going back to the hospital after being discharged from Healthsouth my dad got a feeding tube put in his stomach and all of his teeth pulled in preparation for his radiation. The only thing he has left to do is get his port for chemo and have another PET scan done to make sure the cancer has not spread anymore. I will keep you posted as each of these things happen.

He is getting a little stronger everyday. Yesterday was the first time he used his walker since he's been home. He is still very weak, but we are hopeful that with his feeding tube and him getting the nutrition he needs he will continue to get stronger.

I'm sorry I did not go into great detail. There is just so much going on so fast it's hard to keep up with everything.

Jonathan and I do have a fertility update. We have still been trying the old fashion way and we continue to get the same results. We are going to a new RE in May just for a consult. He is out of Mobile and he comes to my mom's office every Monday to see new patients. We love everyone at ART and think the have done such a great job with everything they have done. We just feel like it's worth a shot getting a 2ND opinion.

Last but not least. We celebrated Riley's 2ND Birthday Party last weekend. I'm going to do a post just for his Birthday and post some pictures in the next few days.

That is it for now. I'm suffering from all this Flu like stuff going around so I'm about to go get some more rest. I will promise to be back soon!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's Been A While!

I would like to apologize for my blog slacking. My family has had so much going on these past 3 weeks. I'm going to try and update everyone with a short version or I could be here all night long.

OK where do I start?? The last time I posted Jonathan and I were getting ready for a weekend in Memphis to celebrate Emma's 3rd Birthday. Unfortunately, we did not make it. The day before we were suppose to leave we found out my dad's cancer had spread to his lymph nodes.That whole week my dad was slowly going down hill. Not eating at all. He collapsed at the Cancer Center that Wednesday and then the next day being told this bad news. Jonathan and I decided it was not the right time for us to leave town. We really hate that we had to miss Emma's party, but we hope we can make it up to her soon.

The following Tuesday around 7 am I received a phone call from my mom saying she called the ambulance and they were on the way to the house because my dad was hemorrhaging from his rectum. I met them at the hospital. When I got there the bleeding had slowed down a little. He was admitted about 5 hours later. I decided to go into work for a couple hours. When I got back up to the hospital around 5:00. The hospital had sent in a Gastro Dr. to meet with my dad. He was not suppose to come in until the next morning, but decided to come that evening. We are so blessed he did. My dad starting bleeding out again while talking to the Dr. He was then rushed to ICU. That night they tried doing a colonoscopy, but could not finish, because of the amount of bleeding that was going on. My dad received 6 pints of blood that night. This was one of the hardest nights of my life. We were in the ICU trying to calm him down. At this point his body had lost so much blood he was not in a normal mental state. The nurse told me after they asked everyone else to leave that his blood levels were not sufficient for life. I really thought that would be the last time I would see my dad alive. He went on a ventilator that night and stayed in the ICU from that Tuesday until the following Sunday. He was then in a regular room from Tuesday til the following Saturday. That day he was transported to the HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital. He has just finished his first week there. They transferred him because after being in the hospital so long and not eating he was unable to do anything himself. He now can walk 30 ft. with a walker and feed himself. He will continue to stay there until he can stand on his own, walk on his own, and dress himself.

The cause of all his blood loss was not an easy diagnosis. After 4 attempts at an colonoscopy and one EGD. The were thinking my dad had colon cancer on top of his other cancer (not related to each other). The histopath came back and he does not have colon cancer. This was such a relief to hear. He did have a few lesions, ulcers, and polyps. We think one of his ulcers which the doctor said is huge caused the bleeding. We are just praying the bleeding does not start back. If it does my dad will have to go to UAB for a very serious surgery to remove it. I will keep everyone updated on this situation, but hopefully this part is over.

I know this is such a short version, but I think I covered most of everything that has been going on. My dad has still not started any cancer treatments, because before he went in the hospital he was still fighting his staph infection. He is still on medication for it today. While in the hospital some doctor's and surgeons have discussed him having surgery to remove a toe due to the infection. We have not heard anything else regarding this and as of last night when I looked at it looks like it's finally healing.

We are all just ready for him to get his strength back so he can get out and start his chemo and radiation. I promise not to let this much time go by without checking in again. It's been really tough and I want to thank everyone who has called, emailed, brought dinner, visited, prayed, and anything else for our family during this time. It is greatly appreciated.