Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We have so much to be thankful for and one of those things is being able to celebrate Thanksgiving with all of your family.

We spent the Saturday before Thanksgiving in Pinson with Jonathan's dad's family and Thanksgving day in Trussville with his mom's. Then we headed back to Montgomery to visit with mine. Trying to fit everyone in during the holidays is tough!! Just glad we got to see them all.

Baylor and his 2nd cousin, Haley

Playing Mom's ( Baylor's great- grandmother) organ!

These two had so much fun- especially playing in the leaves

Baylor loves Mom's cat!

Come here and give me a kiss...

Sweet boy

He loved tackling her then giving kisses.

Nana and Papa

Sitting in Papa's baby chair while celebrating Thanksgiving in Pinson.



Daddy is going to get him!

Papa opening some of his retirement gifts.

We are so thankful for this sweet boy!!

I'll be back soon with Baylor's first trip to Auburn, trip to get our Christmas tree, and The North Pole Express in Calera. I'm so behind, but things have been so busy around here. Be back soon!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Baylor Turns 2!!

So I started this post over a week ago and I'm just now getting to finish it... On Sunday November 13th our sweet boy turned 2!! We can't believe we have a toddler. These last 2 years have flown by. Jonathan and I are both so very blessed to have Baylor in our lives. It's so hard to even imagine what life was like before he was here.

On his Birthday morning he woke up to balloons in his room. He ended up waking up around 4 that morning to get in the bed with us so when he woke up for good that morning to get up for church we took him in his room to see all his balloons we had waiting on him. We did this for him last year and I think it's a tradition we will keep. He loves it! After he opened a little gift from Mama and Daddy he had his Birthday breakfast- french toast with 2 candle and blueberries (his fav). Then it was time for his Birthday bath which included balloons. We spent his Birthday at church and after church was over our Sunday School Class had our Potluck Thanksgiving Meal in the Youth Center which included good food and good fellowship. After church we headed home for an afternoon nap- all 3 of us. Then for dinner we went to eat Baylor's favorite meal, Mexican with my mom, brother and his family, and my sister-in-law's mother. He was sung to one last time. It was important to us that we make this day for special for him since we had his party the week prior. I think he really enjoyed himself. I know we did.

Here are some Baylor facts at 24 Months:

- He wears a size 8 shoe

-He is in 2T clothes. He wore 24 month longall for maybe 2 weeks and skipped right to 2t.

- Favorite movies/shows- Dumbo (elefnant), Curious George (George George), and Caillou.

-He is in the process of potty training and he loves going potty. I mean seriously he will go several times in a row. Sometimes just a couple drops just so he can go dump it in big potty and flush (plush). He is doing so good. We've got the tee-teeing down. We just have to get the other.

-He is in the "what's that?" and everything is "mine" stage (trying to work on this one).

-He says please (pleeeeease) in the sweetest little voice. Especially when he's trying to get his way.

I guess that is it for now. He goes for his 2 year check up next week so I'll be back to update with his stats.

Sleeping on his Birthday Eve1

Birthday Breakfast!

Birthday Balloons!

Seeing his balloons for the first time.

Birthday Bath!

We snuck him in our nursery room for the last few minutes of church.

He looks so big compared to these 1 1/2 year olds.

Birthday Dinner!

Sweet Cousins. Grayden was with his Mimi and Pops.

Monday, November 14, 2011

First Dental Appointment!

Last Thursday Baylor had his first dentist appointment and he did great! He didn't get a cleaning this visit, but he will in 6 months. He did great with Dr. David and I practically had to pull him out of the office- he didn't want to leave. He also enjoyed playing with Summer his hygienist who also happens to be his girlfriend's mother.


Summer trying to get his picture or his certificate. He's not sure why she is waving Barney above her head.

Big Boy doing so good for Dr. David!

He sat facing me and we layed him back in Dr. David's lap.

Such a fun office!

He got lots of goodies- he's wearing one of them.

I'll be back very soon with Baylor's Birthday post. He turned 2 yesterday and this Mama has been so emotional- can I blame it on my fertility meds?! I probably should... Be back soon