Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More 7 Month Pictures!

We got our disk from Janel on Monday so I thought I would share some of our favorites. We love them all and can't wait to get some prints! I can't decide if I like some of the pictures in black and white or color better so I posted some of the same. Enjoy!

When Jonthan was looking through all the pictures last night he stopped at this one and said "this one looks a lot like your Dad... the whole bottom part of his face. From his nose down and the expression he is making." I had not realized, but it (he) does and that makes me smile!

You can really tell how long his hair is in the picture (look at the blanket). This was in between shots. I was in the process of changing him in this picture. I think it turned out sweet!

LOVE his Eyes and Lips!!!

This is of our Fav's... He's just looks so sweet and innocent... I don't think there is ANYTHING sweeter than a Baby Boy!

LOVE that Smile!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

7 Month Pictures!

Last Friday, Janel Gay took Baylor's 7 Month pictures. Both Jonathan and I have known her for years. I grew up playing softball with her and Jonathan went to school with her at Trinity. She is so talented. I'm SO glad we worked out a time when she was in town to do some pictures.

Here's a Peek from the session. She did such a great job capturing our Baby in these sweet moments. We can't wait to see all of them. Take a peek at her blog that is listed to the right under my Favorite Blogs.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy First Father's Day, Jonathan!
We celebrated Father's Day last year, but it's nothing like celebrating with Baylor finally here! Jonathan you are the most loving, caring, hands on, Daddy that I have ever seen. Baylor is so blessed to have you as his father. I'm so glad God chose you to go through this journey with me. I can't wait to see what the future holds for our Family!

This a older picure of my Daddy around Christmas time. I miss him so much. I know he is SO proud of me, "his Darlin" and of his grandson, Baylor. I wish so bad I had the chance to see them meet. I know one day we will all be together and what a day that will be!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads (Pa Pa, Daddy (Grandpa), and my Father-in-law) and the daddy's to be!

I pray often for the men (and women) who are trying to become parents. I NEVER take for granted that I was blessed to become a parent myself!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

7 Months!!!

7 Months at the Water Park!

Toes curled!

This isn't as easy as it once was :)

Serious! LOVE his lips!

Our Sweet Baby Boy is 7 months old today! Geez... where has the time gone?! I find myself really missing the newborn stage, lately. I told Jonathan last night how much I missed waking up in the middle of the night to nurse him. YES! You read that right. I miss it so much. He is still just as sweet if not "sweeter" just as handome or even more handsome now. I just love everything about being his Mother and I know Jonthan enjoys being his Daddy just as much. Now let me share with you some of things Baylor has been up to lately!

- He still eats 7-8oz per bottle 4 times a day

-He enjoys all of his fruits and veggies beside green beans. He doesn't like the taste of them and he spits up after eating them.

-We just gave him Oatmeal for the first time last night. We mixed bananas with it and he loved it!

-He's still in size 2 diapers.

-He wears 3, 6, and some 9 months clothes.

-He weighed 18lb 1oz at his recheck visit with Dr. M last week. His ears were clear!!!

-He enjoys the pool, being outside, watching Handy Manny, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
-When we put him on his tummy in the "big pool" he kicks his legs and moves his arms. It's like he knows exactly what to do!
-He still LOVES his swing. He likes to pull the lambs on the mobile and it makes this loud clicking noise. I think his days left in the swing are numbered :(

-He is sitting really good. We still get nervous when he's sitting on hard surfaces so we stay right beside him.

-He has the CUTEST little crinkled nose grin. It makes me laugh everytime he does it!

-He's gums are still giving him a lot of grief. Everything goes in his mouth and he is drooling like crazy. He also likes to grab our hands to chew on. He has tried to chew/suck on my face several times too.
-He has started sqealing a lot lately. Especially when he gets upset. He sounds like a little pig. It's cute!

That's some of things Baylor is up to these days. I'm looking forward to the upcoming weeks. Next Friday he is having his 7 month pictures done. Then I'm off for 11 days with him at the end of the month while his daycare is closed. At the end of our little vacay together we are heading back down to the beach for the 4th of July. We also have birthday parties, baby showers, weddings and some other fun things coming up.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fun at the Pool!

I've been so bad about blogging lately. I promise to get better. We've been "on the go" as usual so that doesn't leave me with a lot of "down time." What we have been doing lately is spending a lot of time at the pool and Water Park. Baylor loves being outside and the water so we go every chance we get. I'm off on Fridays now so now we'll have an extra day of Fun in the Sun!

Waiting on my sunblock to set in before heading to the pool!

Now, I'm ready!

Mama, I'm ready for the pool. Let's go!

Watching all the children play!

So much fun!


Having fun at the Water Park!

I will be back soon with lots of update and of course pictures!