Tuesday, September 20, 2011

22 Months!

Baylor turned 22 months a week and I'm just now getting to this post. I've really been slacking at this whole blogging thing lately.

Here are some things our sweet boys is up to:
-Talking all.the.time.
-He is a singer and sings to songs on the tv and in the car.
-He loves our dogs and likes to "walk" Hank around our house with the leash.
-He is hooked on trains or choo choo's whatever he likes to call them.
-He weighed 26.8lbs at his dr. appt last week.
-We just got him back in his bed through the night after having some issues when we had to convert his bed to a toddler bed. Very thankful- we're all getting much better sleep.
-He is such a good eater. LOVES fruits most veggies. He also LOVES Mexican and Italian. He gets that from both Mama and Daddy.
-He has started telling us when he has "pooped". Maybe one day soon he will tell us before he actually does it instead of after.
-He absolutely loves being around other children. Good thing he has a big social circle that keeps him busy.
-He is very independent and likes to do things on his own ex. brushing his teeth, brushing his hair, picking out his own popsicle...

I could go on and on because Baylor is growing and changing everyday. We are so very blessed to have this sweet boy. I thank God daily for choosing us to be his parent's and for me to have the opportunity to carry him.

Here are some recent picures of the Big 22 Month Old!

He loves going to his cousin's soccer games!

After a fudgesicle... his fav!

Being silly with Daddy!

He loves stickers and can be caught wearing one of his AU stickers around the house at any moment.

Watching Riley play soccer with cousin, Grayden. These two are wild together. Love it!!


Attempt at a picture of the 3 stooges.

Granna bought him his first Auburn Jersey!


I received great news at my appointment this morning. I have 1 lead follicle and 2 right behind it that should all 3 contain mature eggs- Praise. My uterine lining also went from 6mm yesterday to 7.5 and on some views could be rounded up to 8mm, which is the number they ideally like to see- Praise.

I really appreciate all you prayer warriors out there. A special thank to those who have kept us in their prayers from the beginning of this journey-round 2. Even though we have not under gone as many medicated cycles, IUI's, or IVF this time around, like last it has been pretty tough at times so your thoughts, prayers, and sweet messages are always being felt.

That's all the fertility talk I have now. Will keep everyone posted! Please continue to PRAY!

Monday, September 19, 2011


If I had not had a miscarriage a few months ago we would be finding out what Baby Cox#2 was going to be around this time-end of September. I have several friends are due the same week I was due so I'm reminded of that when I hear about their big ultrasounds coming up. It such an exciting time for them and me. I love hearing what each of them are having. God is so GOOD to be blessing all these wonderful couple's and families with new lives.

We don't have gender ultrasounds to go to, but trust me I've had my fare share of ultrasounds lately. My body finally decided to get back on track so we could start another round of fertility meds. I had a visit this morning and things seem to be going well. I will return back to clinic in the morning for one last ultrasound this round.

I have a couple prayer requests if you don't mind lifting Jonathan and I up in prayer-

Please pray that my follicles continue to mature over night. I have one that we know is already at maturity and hoping that at least 1 of 2 more can make it.

Please also pray that my uterine lining thickens up a little over night. Right now it's at 6mm and ideally they would like to see it at 8mm. Pregnancy can be achieved with a 6, but we would still like to see it thicken just a little more.

I guess I should also ask that you continue to ask for strength for both Jonathan and I. These treatments can be so stressful at times- physically, emotionally ( I broke down paying my bill this morning), and financially.

My peace I give to you, not as the world gives, do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. John 14:27

I'll be back with a Baylor in the next day or so! He is keeping us busy and on our toes and we love every minute of it!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day Beach Trip '11

Last Thursday we were going back and fourth about cancelling our Labor Day beach trip. I was leaning more towards moving it back, but Jonathan thought it would still be a good weekend to go down despite Tropical Storm, Lee. I'm glad we ended up heading down first thing Friday morning because we had a great trip. It was warm and humid, but we had lots of wind and it felt awesome!

This trip we were really amazed by how familiar Baylor has become with our common stops down along 30A and it was so fun to see him get excited when he remembered certain and places and things. We look forward to many more summers down on the gulf with our sweet boy. This summer has been so much fun and so many special memories were made.

Our first stop was at George's in Alys Beach! A new fav for us!

He must think he is a dog.

He loved this fountain and was soaked by the time we left.

Such a cute little place!

Walking out our door heading to the beach!

We still got some good beach time in despite T.S. Lee.

The water was SO warm. It felt great!

Working hard...

Not sure about the puddle jumper. He had a love/hate relationship with it.

He loves for us to just let him go in the pool when he has his puddle jumper on, but we stay near.

Double Red flags went up Friday evening.

Walking around Seaside while we wait for our food at Pizza Bar- where a little garden snake was found right next to our table- scary! The locals didn't seem faced by it at all.

The water was so beautiful.

Love his wind-blown hair!

Toes in the sand. I never get tired of taking these pictures.

At last... he absolutely loves running around with all the other children.

"Doggie" We have to stop and pet every dog we see.

Watching Toy Story 3 with his light up necklace. He now has a light up sword, bubble gun, and 3 necklaces.

Mama and Bay after a fun night out.

Ready for the game!

All BOY!

Of course his trains also made the trip.

Lunch at Cowgirl Kitchen!


He loves playing at the Destin Commons.

Playing with his new dinosaur puzzle Granna bought him.

Lunch at Angelina's

He loves pasta like his Mama and Daddy!

Playing in the rain puddles.

Of course once he saw the other kids playing he had to join them.

He had so much fun!

Happy to be back down on the beach!

"Knee deep in the water somewhere..."

We headed down to Rosemary one afternoon.

First time doing the Limbo.

Bear at the Beach to get another Thomas Train- tradition for us!

He loves the Koi ponds outside Another Broken Egg and of course he remembered where they were before he say them.