Monday, September 10, 2012

Brewer's Newbrn Pictures!

We had these newborn pictures done by Allison Hilyer. She was so much fun to work with and was wonderful with Baylor. We love what she captured of our sweet boy and our family. We also had a old friend of mine Emily Dudley who took some beautiful pictures of our family. I'll share those soon too! Enjoy!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Brewer Todd Cox

I'm almost 7 weeks late on this post. Brewer arrived at 3:33 pm on July 24th weighing in at 7lb 1oz and 18in long. I was 37 weeks and 2 days. That Tuesday morning I headed to my 37 week appointment knowing my blood pressure wasn't the best and had not been over the week before. Side note- I'd been on bedrest for the last 4 weeks leading up to my induction due to elevated BP. At my appointment I had my usualy NST and Brewer wasn't as active as normal. They had to "buzz" him to get him to respond a couple times. I already had an ultrasound scheduled for that morning too to check on his growth. The ultrasound showed it was around 7lb 3oz and everything looked good except my amniotic fluid was a little low which can be a result of high bp. After my NST and U/S I saw Dr. D and he checked me. I was 2cm dilated and he didn't say exactly how much effaced. I was 1.5cm and 50% effaced at my 36 week appointment. He just commented that I was more than 50%. After discussing my BP and the "low" amniotic fluid he decided there was no reason to prolong the pregnancy. He sent me over to the hospital. With a little coaxing he did let me make a quick trip home to pick up my bags. We got to the hospital around 10:15am. I was started on pitocin and a little while later my water was broke. I started feeling some ctx and just in time anesthesia came in and started my epidural. Everything went so fast I went from 4 to 9.5cm in less than a hour. I went very fast with Baylor's induction also. I only pushed through 4 sets of contractions and then our sweet, beautiful, healthy baby boy arrived. It's amazing how you can fall in love all over again, but both Jonathan and I did.. After a little time of us spending time as a family of 3 and me nursing Brewer, Jonathan and went and got the Big Brother to be the first person to meet his brother. It was so sweet to see Bay's face which we got on camera thanks to a sweet friend who took pictures. He wanted to hold him right away and has welcomed his brother in a far better way than we could've asked for which was an answer to our prayers. The Lord prepared his heart for this big change and we are blessed! We spent the rest of the day with our family and sweet friends. The birth of a child is something so amazing it's really hard to put into words all the emotions you feel. The best way I guess I can descibe it is that our hearts grew that day and in that moment I felt closer to the Lord than in any other. It's amazing that God has choosen Jonathan and I to be the parents to two of his sweet little miracles. There is no greater gift. I'm going to try and do a beter job at blogging. I have a lot more pictures on FB- it's just easier to post them on there. So all of our family members can see them. I'm getting ready to return to work a week from Tuesday so once we're on a better schedule maybe I'll be back blogging more consistently. Here is our beautiful baby boy: As far as looking like Big Brother we think he is starting to look more like him. At first more people including Jonathan thought he looked more like me. I didn't see it. It was obvious after a few days we really favored his daddy more than Baylor did. He was born with much lighter hair and eyelashes- like his Daddy has. It's funny bc so many people think Bay looks a lot like Jonathan with most of my features (lips, nose, chin, skin color) but we now have people tell us Baylor actually is starting to look more like me and Brewer is Jonathan's mini me. I guess I can see if you take away the curls and his big blue eyes- mine are hazel. Jonathan's eyes are a lot more pronounced than mine. It's fun to see them grow and change. Can't wait to see if Brewer continues to favor Baylor more and more each day. Our of course we think they are both the most beautiful boys (babies) we've ever layed our eyes on- yes we're biased.