Sunday, November 29, 2009

Baylor's First Thanksgiving and Iron Bowl!!!

Baylor's 1st Thanksgiving!

Our Little Turkey!

Sweet Boy!

Sleeping is what I do best!

Sleeping during our Thanksgiving Dinner!

Our 1st Thanksgiving as a Family of 3!

Mommy is Thankful for Baylor too!

Mommy's Boy!

Me and Baylor with his cousins (Grayden and Riley)!

Iron Bowl 2009

In my Bama gown after they won!

He woke up right when the game ended!

Sweet Cousins! Baylor's 1st Iron Bowl!

Thanksgiving this year was very low key. We went out to eat for lunch with my mom, my brother's family, and Meribeth's mom. After lunch we headed back over to their house to make gingerbread Christmas ornaments. Baylor pretty much slept through the whole day. Our new little family of 3 had a good day with everyone!

Friday morning we headed to Baylor's doctor appointment. He is now back up to his birth weight at 6lbs 13oz. He is bili level was below 5 which is great! We go back on December 14th for his one month check up. The good news is he is over his juandice and won't have to be stuck again next time. He will get his first round of immunizations his next visit after the 14th.

After his appt we headed over to my mom's to watch the Iron Bowl with her and my brother's family (minus Grayden). I'm really proud of our Tigers for how well they played against Bama. Baylor also slept through almost the whole Iron Bowl, but I bet next year he will be wide awake for it and maybe running around! WAR EAGLE!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Daddy Goes Back to Work

Sleeping like an Angel! Daddy's first day back at work.

Bath Time!

So Sweet!

Taking a nap before the girls arrive!

Me with the Ladies! (Katie, Michelle, and Lindsey)
Michelle did my beautiful canvas' above my crib!

Passed out!

Long day!

Monday Jonathan headed back to work and it has just been me and Bay at home. We lucked out with it being a short work week for Daddy. He only had to work Monday-Wednesday. Things have not been to overwhelming at all which I'm very thankful for. Baylor's been doing a lot of sleeping, eating, pooping, and peeing. Other than that we had some sweet visitors yesterday. Katie, Lindsey, and Michelle came to visit and meet me. Well, Katie came to see him at the hospital right after he was born,but he was in the nursery getting his bath and his temperature regulated so she didn't get to hold him. Today we went for an afternoon walk which was nice. The weather has been to cool to get out this week until today.

I love every minute of being home with my sweet boy. I wish Daddy could do the same. We've missed him this week, but we've been taking lots of pictures to share and send to him.

Tomorrow we will be celebrating his first Thanksgiving very low key which I think will be nice. We are just going to do lunch with my mom, Tab, MB, the boys, and MB's mom. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. We have SO much to be Thankful for this year!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hospital Stay

Waiting to see Dr. M for my 1st Doctor's visit!

Not a happy boy!

Daddy and Baylor!

Waiting on Mommy and Daddy to pack our bags to head back to the hospital.

Mommy holding me before I had to go under my the lights!

It is so warm and comfy in here!

Getting my tan!

Daddy bottle feeding me for the first time!

Mommy and me at 6 days old!

Tired and ready to head home!

Leaving the hospital!

On Wednesday we took Baylor in for a Billirubin check because when we were discharged from the hospital on Sunday his level was a little elevated. Well our appointment did not go well at all. Baylor had dropped down to 5lbs 9oz. His birth weight was 6lbs 13oz and when we discharged it had dropped to 6lbs 5oz. Then his billirubin level was 26. They want it below 12. Dr. M thought it was best to go ahead and admit Baylor to Jackson's Hospital and go ahead knock this thing out rather than wait and try to do some things at home. I think my heart stopped when he first told us the news. I could not keep back the tears. Not only that he was being admitted,but I couldn't help but feel guilty for the weight loss because I am breastfeeding him. I also felt guilty for not knowing how "yellow" he had gotten and how much weight he lost. Dr. M explained to me that I had done nothing wrong which was exactly what I needed to hear. The good part about this thing if there is one is that we were able to stay with Baylor in a room at Jackson's. After a little talk and a prayer led by Dr. M we were off to pack some clothes and head to the hospital to start Baylor on double photo light therapy. Thankfully we were discharged Thursday evening shortly after 9pm. We head back in the morning (Saturday) for a billi check and weight check. We are praying for good news. I will post an update after our appt.

Labor and Delivery!!!

Last Bump pictures!

36 weeks, 6 days!

Quick stop on the way to the hospital!

Our Beautiful Miracle!

Daddy holding Baylor for the first time!

Our Precious son!


Mommy and Baylor (1 day old)

Baylor 1 day old!

Holding Baylor after they brought him to me after his first bath!

Pretty in Blue!

Baylor with his cousins! (Riley, Grayden, and Emma)

Sweet Boy!

Not to sure about the boppy

Family of 3!

Daddy says Roll Tide!
Mommy says War Eagle!!!
Mommy and Baylor! (2 days old)
He is such a good baby!
Ready to go home!
Our Angel!
Family of 3!

We're home!

I know I'm a little late posting, but things have been a little crazy around here. I have so much to feel you in on.
Last Thursday afternoon Jonathan and I headed to the hospital to be admitted at 3:00 to start the induction process. Shortly after getting settled into bed I got my IV and my first dose of meds to soften my cervix. The rest of the night we just hung out watched tv and had some visitors. During the night I was given 2 more doses of meds to soften my cervix. I got permission the night before to take a shower before we actually started the pitocin that morning at 4:30 so I got up at 3:00, showered and got ready for the big day. At 4:30 the pitocin was started and I was 1.5cm dilated. I got my epidural shortly after around 6:00 and was 3 cm dilated. At that point things started to fly by. I went from 3cm at 7:00 to 6cm in a hour and a half at 8:30. I started to feel pressure in my bottom so I called the nurse they checked me around 10 and I was 9cm. To say I was shocked is a huge understatement. I think everyone was. Dr. Dupre wasn't expecting me to go til the afternoon close to 4:00. Shortly after I was told I was 9cm. The nurses went ahead and started bringing in all the equipment and started warming the baby bed. I did a few practice pushes. The nurse called Dr. Dupre to let him now I was getting close. Then it was time to start the real pushing with the nurse. As soon as I pushed him down to the point where he would stay and not go back up after each contraction they called the Dr. D and he was there in a few minutes. I pushed through less than 10 contractions with him there and at the end he used the vacuum to get him the rest of the way out. Seeing him for the first time was AMAZING. It's true when they say you feel an instant love. That is exactly what I felt.

Baylor weighed 6lbs 13oz and was 20in long and is the prettiest baby I've ever layed my eyes on!