Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you to all the servicemen and women who have and are currently fighting for our country. God Bless you and your families!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

18 Month Check Up!

Playing in the exam room!


"Boo Boo" Not a happy camper after his shot.

Baylor had his 18 Month Check Up on Monday and here are his stats:

Weight: 25lb (40%)

Height: 33 1/2in (Top 15%)

Head Circumference: 17 1/2 or 19 1/2 (90%) Baylor got a hold of his stat sheet and decided to color on it so I can't tell if it's 17 or 19. He sure loves to color, draw, etc...

Based on his stats right now he's average for weight even though he's only in the 40th percentile, Dr. M said he's OK with it. He said at his 2 year check up they will guess-estimate his height as an adult. If he continues on like he's going he will be at least 6ft. He's going to be tall like his Daddy, Dr. M says.

Baylor is a healthy boy. We're just dealing with some allergies. He is now on Singular and Zyrtec daily. We're hoping this does the job. His eczema is also not where we would like it to be, but we're hoping that he grows out of it soon. Until then we will continue with his daily ointment.

Baylor was very happy to hear that he will not have to get anymore shots until he is 4 years old! Now finger's crossed we can stay out of the Ped's until his 2 year Check Up in November!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Annual May Beach Trip!

We spent this past weekend here in:

We had a great trip! We had PERFECT weather the whole time. The water was so clear, pretty calm, and the water was just warm enough for us to get in. When we first planned the trip for this year it was just going to be the 3 of us, but we ended up asking my Mom, brother's and nephews to join us and I'm glad we did. Baylor had so much fun playing with his cousins. He just loves those boys to pieces.

We were a little worried about how Bay would react to sand this trip. When we were down in February he was not a fan at all. Since then we've put him in every sandbox we've come across trying to get him prepared for beach season. Thankfully I think that and the fact that his nephews were running around playing in it helped a lot. Now I wouldn't go as far as saying his a huge fan of the sand, but he did seem to enjoy himself. He liked jumping the waves more than anything- which kind of shocked us. He's a true beach boy at heart- already!

Now we're trying to get back to our normal routine and counting down until we head back down with Nana, Papa, Aunt Tracey, and cousin Emma in just 15 days. Bring on the Beach!

The 3 Beach Boys ready to go!

Watching the "Wa Wa!"

Sweet boys!

They had so much fun.

Loving the beach!

Jumping waves with Mama- he wore us out!

Our family of 3 at dinner-The Great Southern!

Not so sure about the characters in the play in Seaside.

So serious.

5 Years later... :)

My loves!


The boys working hard...

Relaxing with Mama!


Vacation is rough...


Bud's House

Resting while Mama shops for me!

Hey Riley!

I had a better picture of these two- downloaded the wrong one.

Always wants to stand in chairs- working on this.

I'm over the sand today...

Playing at the outlets.

He had to get out of his stroller to dance on the Harbor.

Granna and Bay for Brunch at Another Broken Egg!

"Num "Num

Making his first Bear in WaterColor.

Kiss the star...

Meet Beaches!


I don't want to leave...

Sleepy Baby