Friday, November 29, 2013

I'm Back!

I CANNOT believe it's been a YEAR since I've blogged. I'm going to try and do my best at this blogging thing again. It helps me keep a record of this precious time with my sweet babies. Speaking of my babies let me catch on what they are up to... Baylor just celebrated his FOURTH birthday. My first born is getting so big. He just had his 4 year check up this week. Here are a look at Bay's stats: Weight: 49 lbs- top 5% percentile Height: 42 3/4- top 10% percentile BP: 110/52 (just for my record) Dr. Morrison said Bay looks like a 5 year old. We get that all the time. Dr. M said he's built just like his Daddy. Not sure if I've ever mentioned, but Dr. M was Jonathan's pediatrician and we LOVE him as do our boys. Funny side note- At Bay's check up the nurse took us back and said she needed a urine sample from Bay. We stopped outside the bathroom door and she asked Bay if he could tee tee in a cup for her. He was standing in front of me and he was facing her. Well I guess with a four year old you need to specify because he was about to give her the sample right then outside the bathroom. All I heard was "you don't have to do it right here, buddy." HA! Baylor has done so many fun things over the last year and one of them is he played his first season of soccer. He was on Team Mexico 2 and did so good. His first game he scored 3 goals. I can't say every game went as smooth and there were a couple of meltdowns when someone else got the ball, but hey I guess that's to be expected with it's 3/4 year olds playing their first sport. Another first thing for Bay is Children's Choir at our church. He really enjoys going and just had his fall program last week. He'll have his Christmas program in less than 2 weeks and I'm looking forward to it. Mama is his biggest fan in all that he does! For Halloween Bay was a fisherman and brother was a crab! Hey- we love the beach and our boys love crabbin'. No big surprise! Alright how about a little update on our sweet "firecracker" Brew! Weight: 21 lbs - bottom 5% Height: 30 1/2" - bottom 20% Head Circumference: 19 1/2 - 92% percentile Yep- he's build completely different than Bay. He may shoot up and beef up in a couple years. Bay was always tiny like this too, but over the last year as beefed up a lot. Dr. M says Brew is built like a golfer or tennis player. Brewer is such a love bug. He walks around blowing kisses all the time. He'll walk up to out of the blue and give you kisses too. At the same time he is a wild one- fearless. He is constantly climbing on the couch, on the coffee table, and train table. He thinks he is so funny. Some of little facts about Brew is he only drinks white milk. He refuses anything else from the sippy cup. Dr. M told me this week that is fine with him. He said he's not a big juice fan anyways- neither am I. I still dilute Baylor's juice if I'm pouring if from a jug. Brewer is saying Hey, bye, Mama (first word), Dada, dog, Bay (just started a week ago), Bubble (Bubble Guppies), Bible, Roll Tide (yuck), bird, no no, and ba ba (sippy cup). I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but those are his most used words. Brew started walking at 14 weeks and has been running ever since. This post is a little all over the place, but I'm trying to get caught up with some main "events" over the last year. I'll be back soon! I've attached some pictures over the last few months.