Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentine's Day and 15 Week Appointment!

Last Tuesday was Valentine's. Jonathan had already left for work by the time Baylor woke up to get his goodies. Here are some pictures from that morning...

This picture is actually out of order... The gift on the left is a gift from Baylor to Brewer- a lovie like the two Bay has, but Brewer's is a yellow duck. The dog on the right is Brewer's Valentine from Granna. She didn't want to leave him out when she gave the rest of the grandkids something. :)

Baylor opening Brewer's dog.

Bay's goodies Valentine morning!

He has this opening gift thing down.

Ready for Valentine's Day at Gin Gin's!

My focus was off in this picture, but I still love that smile on my handsome man!

Baylor took long bubble wands with a little tag that he colored that said " Valentine You Blow Me Away" Love, Baylor and some little bags of candy. I have a picture on my phone, but didn't take on with my camera.

15 Weeks

Yesterday I had a my 15 week OB Appointment and everything went well. Brewer's heartbeat was in the 140's. It took a little while for the nurse to get a good reading because he was very active and has been on all of our ultrasounds. I didn't gain any weight which I was shocked about because I feel like my tummy is already so big. Thankfully I guess it's just all baby in there and everything else getting pushed out that makes me feel 6 or 7 months pregnant instead of just 4-5. My blood pressure was good- 122/76. Praying this pregnancy it stays that way. At my next appointment I will have my big anatomy scan and we will get another look at my placenta. Praying it has corrected by then. Dr. D said if I still have previa then I have to go on bed rest at 24 weeks- no matter what. If it's just low lying then I don't. Please go ahead and join us in praying that my placenta has moved up.

I'm in the process of trying to come up with some things for the nursery and do Baylor's big boy room so both has me busy when I'm not chasing around a wild 2 year old.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sweet Baby BOY!!!

That's right Baby Cox #2 is a BOY and we are absolutely thrilled to be adding another boy to our family. I'm only just over 13 weeks so we found out early again just like we did with Big Brother Bay! Thank you to the sweet ladies at my mom's office who took a little "peek" for us. Jonathan and I really had no preference just a healthy baby and so far everything looks good. Heartbeat yesterday was 157 and sounded perfect!

Baby Boy's name is going to be-

Brewer Todd Cox

Brewer and Todd are both family names- Brewer is on Jonathan's maternal grandfather's side and Todd also from Jonathan's maternal side, is Nana's maiden name and Jonathan's middle name. A few weeks ago I kept telling Jonathan we need to come up with some boy names. I guess that was my inkling it was another sweet boy. With Baylor it was NEVER an issue we knew for years if we had a boy he would be named Baylor. All of our family knew and most of our close friends. It was a name we heard years before finally conceiving and we both loved it and it never became trendy... so we knew were going to use it. This time it was between two family names Brewer and Benton. Brewer was Jonathan's favorite and I really liked both. Oh and we did purposely pick a "B" it was just what we liked.

We can't wait to meet our little Brewer! I think Baylor and Brewer are going to be the BEST of friends. Everyone knows how much he adores his cousins will understand. He asked for them every morning on the way to daycare.

Now some pictures! They are very clear, but you can tell what everything is...

Brewer with his left hand on his face and right arm up too! We have a picture of Baylor like this too-so sweet!


This picture was taken last Friday at 12weeks, 5 days. Sweet profile!

And of course the Big Brother looking so big here!

Now it's time do some planning! In only 6 months we'll be a family of 4- with the perfect addition to our growing family!!