Monday, December 28, 2009

Newborn Photos!

These are Baylor's Newborn Photos taken when he was 9 days old. Suzanne from came out to our home and took them. She did such a wonderful job. She was so good with Baylor and you can tell she really loves what she does. We look forward to using her in the future. Thanks again, Suzanne!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Baylor's 1st Christmas!!!

Christmas Eve after the Candlelight Service!

Waiting to open up my 1 present on Christmas Eve!

Baylor's 1st Christmas jammies!

Baylor with his Little People Nativity Scene from Granna!

Mommy set it up for me!

My 1st Christmas Ornament! (Mommy collects these Radko ornaments)

Mommy's kisses left on my cheek!
Christmas Morning!

Daddy opening my gifts at Uncle Tab's and Aunt Meribeth's

Handsome Man!

My reindeer Santa brought Me!

Santa brought me a frog too!

My 1st Christmas!

Sweet face!

Visiting my Grandpa and Aunt Ashley

Wearing the bib my Mommy and Daddy gave Grandpa the night they told him they were expecting Me!

This Christmas Jonathan and I feel extremely blessed to have our sweet Baylor. It was such a special time for us we will always remember our 1st Christmas as a family of 3! We started out Christmas Eve by going to the Candlelight Service at our Church. Baylor did so good. We thought he would do just fine,but I think we both were a little worried he might start crying during the service, but he never did. He did have a wet diaper half way through so Jonathan went out and changed him. Then they came back in. After the service we went home started a fire and opened up one of Baylor's gifts with him. This is something both Jonathan and I have done with our families growing up and we wanted to pass this tradition down to our children. The gift he opened up was one from Granna. He got a Fisher Price Little People Nativity Scene. I was SO excited. Jonathan and I had been looking EVERYWHERE for one of these. All the stores were sold out and there was no way we could get one here in time for Christmas. I really wanted him to have the 2009 edition since it was his 1st Christmas. So Jonathan and I were shocked when we saw what it was. I know he will have so much fun next Christmas playing with it and we will have love teaching him about the The Birth of our Christ Jesus. Then Christmas morning we woke up at 6:00 because we wanted to be able to spend a little time with Baylor opening up his gifts before we headed over to my brother's for breakfast and presents. Santa brought Baylor some Christmas Books, a frog, a little reindeer, some jammies, and some clothes. He also has one gift (personalized pacifiers) coming that didn't arrive before Christmas. After we all got dressed we headed over to Tab and Meribeth's house. We spent the morning over there with the Blackwell Clan, Granna, Meribeth's grandparents, her dad, and my grandparents. It was so much fun watching the boys open up all of their gifts. They got so much! We left from there and went to my Uncle's house and visited with him, my aunt, 2 cousins, and my aunt's family. It was good to see all of them. We don't see them often enough.

After our busy morning in Montgomery it was time to head up to Trussville to visit with all of Jonathan's mom's side of the family. We ate some good food, visited, and opened gifts. It was good to see all of his family. We don't see them that often either. That is what makes the Holidays so great! We headed back to Montgomery that night and went straight to my mom's to pick her up. Every year we go look at Christmas lights with Tab's family so headed over to there house and loaded up in their van. Everyone went except for Grayden. He stayed with his Mimi and Pops that night. This is another tradition we will pass down to Baylor. We really enjoy looking at all the lights and I know he will too.

Saturday afternoon we took Baylor out to the cemetery for the 1st time. It's tough going out there. Before Daddy passed away it wasn't as hard. I guess I had gotten use to going and visiting Ashley,but ever since he died it's been hard to even think about. I know they both had a great Christmas together celebrating with Jesus on his Birthday. The absence of their presence is always felt especially during the Holidays.

I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas as well!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


That is a word that is causing both Jonathan and I a LOT of stress right now. Here it is 3:55 in the morning and I can't sleep bc I have so much on my mind. We originally had Baylor's childcare set, but the place we were going to use has since closed down. So we have being calling around several churches and in-home childcare places. We just went on a interview Monday morning which is like 8 minutes away from our house and is like 2 minutes from my work which is perfect. She has the cutest little play room and has a very clean home and yard. Her and her husband seem really nice. She is DHR approved. So why can't I make a decision?? I don't know if I still have questions about it because it's not the right situation or if I'm just being a Mommy and no one will ever truly be good enough to watch our sweet Baby.

I've done a lot of praying and asking God for guidance. I just hope that I will find the feeling I need to make the best decision for Baylor, Jonathan, and I. Our church gave me a great devotional for new moms. It's called "Baby Boot Camp" Basic Training for The First Six Weeks of Motherhood. I have really enjoyed it and recommend it to new mom's. Several days ago the devotional was about making the right decision for childcare whether it be quitting your job and staying home, using a church daycare, or in-home childcare. It gave me a new way of looking at the whole process. It talks about a woman who wished that she was still pregnant because she felt like she was able to take better care of her son then, she was with him all the time, and she could protect him from anything. Oh how I can relate to that. She goes on to say that no matter what decision we make, "when you can't be there, you can trust the Lord, who is always with His children." As this devotional reads, " I have to realize that my children are better off in God's hands, and I have to give them to Him and leave them there." I must trust God with the one He has entrusted to me.

I know that no matter what decision Jonathan and I make it will be the best one for the 3 of us. I want to ask for your prayers as we try to decide what is best for us.

"If you make the Most High your dwelling-
even the Lord, who is my refuge-
then no harm will befall you,
no disaster will come near your tent.
For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways;
they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.
You will tread upon the lion and the cobra;
you will trample the great lion and the serpent.
'Because he loves me,' says the Lord, 'I will rescue him;
I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.'''
-Psalm 9 1:9-14

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Birth Announcement!

I think almost everyone has received Baylor's Birth Announcement/Christmas Card by now so I thought I would post it on here. The picture was taken during Baylor's Newborn Session when he was 9 days old with Suzanne Williams from SuzanneWilliamsPhotography.Com. She did such a great job! I can't wait to share the rest of the photos from his Newborn Session as soon as they arrive!

5 Weeks!

Sleeping SO good!

A couple extra... notice my hairloss in the front=)

Our Handsome Baylor!

Friday Baylor turned 5 weeks old! On Friday he started taking 4 oz at most of his feedings, his cheeks are getting a little more chubby, and the front of his hair seems to be falling out. His back and side hair seem to be growing. That's our little update for now!

Friday, December 18, 2009

1st Smile!!!

Wednesday evening Jonathan was holding and chatting with Baylor after feeding him. Jonathan asked him "Baylor where's Mommy?" and he started to smile! How SWEET is that! I LOVE it. We both just laughed. I don't think either of us will ever forget that 1st smile!

Monday, December 14, 2009

1 Month!!!

I couldn't do a post without a picture! Baylor at 4 weeks!

Yesterday Baylor was officially 1 month old. A month ago yesterday our lives changed. I gave birth to the most beautiful, cutest, sweetest, and most precious little boy I had ever seen. I can't explain the love we have for him. All that I know is that it was an instant love and one that will never change.

Today we took Bay to his 1 month appt with Dr. M. He weighed in at 7lb 13 oz. He is up 1lb from his birth weight and is in the 7th percentile for weight which is obviously a little low. He was 21 1/2in long. Up from 20in at birth and in the 50th percentile for height which is average. The last stat is his head it was 14 3/4 which is in the 30th percentile. Other than stats today Dr. M just looked over Baylor really good and answered any questions we had. We take him in a month for his 2 month appt and for his first vaccines. Yikes!

Now for a little bit of what Baylor is up to at a month old:

-I'm eating 3-4 oz every 3-4 hours. (I have been known to go 5 hours every now and then)
-I'm sleeping anywhere from 3-5 hours at a time.
-I only cry when I'm hungry, wet, or dirty.
-Mommy and Daddy are still surprised at how content I am most of the time. I'm not a big crier.
-Speaking of crying. My cry is still so soft. Which Mommy and Daddy like!
-I sleep in mommy and daddy's room still. I've been having a little reflux so I'm not liking my pac-n-play like I use to. My swing is my favorite place to sleep.
-Mommy and Daddy started adding rice cereal to my bottles last week to try and help keep my milk down.
-I can get pretty gassy at times which makes me ball up and grunt, but I don't get to fussy over it.
-I love when Mommy and Daddy rub my forehead it usually puts me right to sleep.
-Speaking of sleep- my favorite nap place is in Mommy and Daddy's bed during the day. Of course only while Mommy is awake. :)
-Some of my favorite times are when I'm listening to my Praise Baby Christmas CD or Mommy and Daddy are reading a Daily Devotional with/to me. I look so content during these 2 things.
-I also like my bouncy most of the time.
-I really like laying in the floor in my nursery and just looking around.
-I've started tummy time and I'm not to sure about it yet.
-A lot of times after I eat I smack my lips. Mommy and Daddy think it's so cute and funny!

That's about it for now. I'm growing and changing so much everyday. Stay tuned to see what I'm up to next!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baylor's 1st Santa Visit!

Santa please don't drop me!

Our Handsome Baylor!

Sweet Boy!

We are VERY Blessed!!!

Today we took Baylor to his 1st Santa visit. It was a day I think we will always remember. I love all these "firsts" we are experiencing. It is so much fun! We drove up to The Bass Pro Shops this afternoon when Jonathan got off work and Granna rode with us. Tab, Meribeth, and the boys followed us up there. We stood in line for a while and right before it was Baylor's turn he woke up and wanted to eat. Our luck, right?! Needless to say he was a little fussy with Santa. Jonathan took pictures (13, I think) and I helped Santa handle our little man. Santa couldn't get a good hold on him bc he's so small and even asked me to sit him back up for him. He slid all the way down in Santa's lap.
I hope you enjoy the pictures. I'm only posting a few of the one's Jonathan took. The others are some I took before we left to see Santa.