Sunday, January 31, 2010

11 Weeks!

11 weeks old!

Silly Boy!

Bath's are so relaxing!

This week we noticed only in pictures,Baylor's front hairline looks like it has a strawberry tent. We think it's so funny bc in person his hair looks dark brunette. When his dad grows facial hair it has a little bit of a strawberry tent so we guess that is where it's coming from.

Pretty eyes!

Happy Baby!

He loves his hands!

One of his many sweet faces!

Well, we are still adjusting to our new routine- Work and Daycare. It's still SO hard leaving my sweet baby every morning. I miss him all day and rush to pick him up every afternoon. As far as daycare goes we are so happy with the decision we made to put him in an in-home daycare. He really seems unaffected by the whole thing other than him coming home very tired in the afternoons. Mrs. B takes such good care of him. I call her several times throughout the day and she never seems annoyed with me. He spit up on his outfit one time last week and she had it washed, dryed, and ready to go as soon as I picked him up. She keeps 6 children total, but I don't think there has been a day that all 6 have been there all day together. That just means more attention for Baylor! She has 2- four year old girls. One of which is in love with Baylor. She waits at the door every morning to greet him. She asks me if she can see his face then she wants to touch his head, but Mrs. B tells her she can look, but she can't touch him. Then she has a 3 year old boy, 2 year boy, 11 month old girl, and then Baylor. Baylor and MW are separated from the rest of the children which I think is a great idea bc of germs.

I got an extra day with Baylor this weekend. This Momma started getting sick (sinus inf/upper resp inf) so I kept Baylor at home with me. Even though I felt pretty bad I loved being home with my Little Man an extra day. The rest of the weekend we spent sleeping in, lots of snuggling, playing, and napping. Those are favorite kind of weekends as a family of 3!

What are you up to Baylor?!
You love playing in Mommy and Daddy's bed in the mornings & evenings (we love it too). You love your hands. You always have them around your face. You make the sweetest faces ( wrinkled forehead face, pouty lip, etc...), You started kicking your legs up towards your chest. Your gonna be reaching for them soon. Your favorite thing is still bath time. We find you in the mornings on the opposite end of your crib. We still haven't figured out how your doing it. You roll from your back to your side a lot before going to sleep at night.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

10 Weeks!

Watching the movie Cars with my cousin, Riley!

Growing Baby! 10 weeks, 2 days

Baylor turned 10 weeks on Friday. I left work a little early to go pick him up. I could not wait to spend the weekend with him after my first week back at work and his at daycare. I've just been so tired in the evenings. I've learned as a working-mom not to take any moment with him for granted. At the end of the week I started sneaking in an extra cup of coffee before leaving work just to have a little more energy in the evenings with my little man.

What are you up to Baylor?!

You love smacking on your hands. You try to put your whole fist in your mouth. You try to suck your thumb still, but you have started having a hard time finding it. You LOVE bath time and get upset with us when we have to take you out. You are smiling, chuckling, and cooing more. Your hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows are growing so fast. You are in size 1 diapers now. You can still wear some preemie, newborn gowns, and onesies, but you can also wear some 0-3 months outfits. You are still drinking 4 oz every bottle except for your last bottle before bedtime you take 5oz. You sleep anywhere from 5-7 each night. You still love sleeping in your crib. You like your little lamb swing and your bear mat a lot. You can hold your head up so good. You kick your legs and swing your arms so fast. This morning we found you with your body at the opposite end of the crib where we left you last night. Mommy and Daddy think your growing way too fast!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Daycare Morning #1

Day 2!
Day #3

Sleeping while Mommy gets dressed!

We survived! I knew it was going to be very hard to leave my sweet baby and it was. Not only was I leaving him for the first time, but I was leaving him ALL day. The tears started before I even left the house that morning and it only got worse. All I could do was pray. Pray for Baylor's safety, Pray for his health, Pray for his happiness, Pray for myself to make it, and Pray for Mrs. "B" who is keeping him. The only thing that got me through the day was knowing that even though I wasn't with him, the Lord was.

I ended up leaving work around 3:15 to go pick him up a little early and I couldn't get there fast enough. I knew he was doing fine since I talked to Mrs. "B" while I was at work, but I just wanted to see him, kiss him, smell him, and hold him. I think seeing your baby after you've been working all day is the BEST feeling any mother can feel each day. He has been worn out every afternoon when I pick him. The first night he slept from the time I picked him up til 7:00.
We've been very pleased with the choice we made regarding childcare and have felt very comfortable leaving him each day. This has made the whole process a little better. I think the hardest part other than leaving my baby, is how exhausted I am in the evenings. I wish I could be full of energy in the evenings since I'm away from him all day. I just don't want to miss out on anything. I love every second of being a mom. Even getting up at 4am just to be able to spend some quality time with my sweet boy. I'll take it anytime- day or night!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Avery and Baylor's 1st time meeting!

Avery and Baylor (she was born 4 weeks after Baylor)!

Mommy's Handsome Little Man!

I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for tomorrow. Tomorrow is my first day back at work and it will be Baylor's first day at daycare. I've been with my sweet Little Man for 9 1/2 weeks and have not left him one time. Not even with Jonathan! I know it's going to be tough and that all of you working-moms out there know how I'm feeling. I'm praying for a lot of strength and peace this week. I'll keep you posted on how the week goes.

I can't do a post without some pictures... Enjoy!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

2 Months!!!

Smiling at 2 Months old!

Waiting to get my shots!

Baylor turned 2 months old yesterday (Thursday). We took him in for his checkup this morning and he had a good visit. His stats-Weight 10lb 4oz (20%), Height 23in (55%), and Head Circumference 15 3/4 (50%). Dr. M said he's a long baby. Reflux update- we all seem to agree Baylor is doing a little better than he was last week. We are going to continue to give him the prevacid and hopefully he will keep getting better. Most babies have reflux til their about 8 mos old so we know it won't go away,but hopefully we can atleast control it and keep Bay comfortable. The worst part of the appointmen was when Baylor got his first vaccines. 3 of them! He did a lot better than Mommy and Daddy expected. The first one he cried for like 2 seconds then he was fine. The nurse asked him "if that was it?" The other 2 upset him a little more but her recovered quickly. Then he had an oral med to take which he of course loved. He goes back in 2 months for next set of vaccines. It will be a nice little break since we've been in a good bit since he was born.

What is Baylor up to?!
I'm a thumb sucker. I love sleeping in my crib. Mommy saw me chuckle for the first time the other day when she came in the room to get me. I'm still eating 4 oz, but sometimes I want an extra oz. I started wearing size 1 diapers the other day and the swallow me (we might have to go back to NB for a little while longer). I love my baths now. At first it was a love/hate relationship, but now I love them. I still love my swing and bouncy. I'm enjoying tummy-time a little more each day. I can hold my head up pretty good.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

8 Weeks and Crib Sleeping!

Long Boy!

Tummy Time!

Trying the monitor out!

My 1st night sleeping in my crib!

Sweet Baby sleeping!

Baylor was 8 weeks old Friday. These last 8 weeks have been the best 8 weeks of my life! I've LOVED every minute of being a Mommy and can't wait to be one the rest of my life to my sweet baby boy. I just did a little update on Baylor at 7 weeks on what he's been up to so I will just add a few things. We have caught him sucking his thumb a few times and it's so cute. He loves moving his arms and hands. I think he's really found his hands now. He is cooing more and more. The biggest thing is, he slept in his crib for the first night, last night and he did GREAT! We knew that he would. He has been such a good baby for us. We were going to move him in there at 4 weeks,but we decided to wait because of his reflux. So at 8 weeks he went from only sleeping in the hospital and our room, to his crib and slept from midnight til 6 this morning. That is what he usually does in our room so it obviously did not affect him at all! Of course Mommy and Daddy have a video monitor with a flat screen which is on Mommy's nightstand and a handheld so we could watch him for as long as we wanted to. I think we watched him for a good hour when we first put him down. He was so cute to watch. At first he kept opening his eyes peaking. Then he started squirming,but still didn't cry for us. Finally he would move his arms and legs all around and when his arm would slowly hit the mattress he would jump and start the whole thing over. He did that for about 30 minutes before he drifted off until 6 this morning. It felt different not having him right there in the room next to us,but I know it's going to be good for him and of course good for Mommy and Daddy too!

Friday, January 8, 2010

BCS Game!

Daddy and Me!

Aunt MB made my shirt for the game!

Mommy and Me!

Our Family of 3!

I had a VERY happy husband last night! Alabama pulled off the win for the National Championship. Even though I'm not an Alabama fan, I will say congratulations to Bama. I wish Colt McCoy had not gotten hurt. I think it would've been a much better game with him. I think he's a great athlete and great example for college football players. We watched the game over at my mom's like we do every Auburn or Bama game. It was a late night, but we had a good time. Baylor came home ,ate ,and slept 7 hours.