Monday, August 23, 2010

9 Months!

9 Months, 1 Day!

Playing on the beach... 9 months old!

Not to sure about the lemon... 9 Months. At a random Mexican resturant on the way down to the beach!

9 Months and crawling to the water!

Baylor turned 9 months on the 13th. As you can see I'm just a little behind on posting.
What is Baylor up to at 9 Months?!
-He's crawling EVERYWHERE!
-He's pulling up on anything and everything.
-He is still down to 3 bottles/sippy cups a day.
-Drinks diluted juice or water twice daily (or more).
-He's eating at least 2 fruits and 2 veggies a day.
-He's tried a lot of foods: turkey lunch meat, cheese, puffs, animal crackers, blue berries, french fries, ground beef, crackers, chicken slices...
-He is still saying MAAAMA (only when he's upset or wants something) and getting better at it everyday.
-He "talks" more and more everyday. We just can't make out what it is. :)
-He loves "playing" (chasing after Chloe and Hank).
-He loves playing with the DVD player, drapes, dog bowls, door stoppers, doggie door, photo albums, fireplace, and pretty much anything else he's not suppose to play with.
-He knows what No is... when we say it he starts smiling and takes off to finish the task before we catch him. We're pretty sure he thinks it's a game.
-He still loves bath time.
-Still enjoys the Disney Channel (Mickey Mouse, Handy Manny, Special Agent Oso, etc..), Elmo, Spongebob.
-He will sit still the longest watching his Praise Baby videos.
- Speaking of praises... he loves going to the Nursery at church. We've only had a problem one day, but he ended up having an upset tummy so that doesn't count does it?!
-He does good at daycare too. I think he really enjoys watching the other kids.
-He has 3 teeth now... 2 bottom and 1 up top. He just got the top tooth on Saturday.
-He loves to give open-mouthed kisses and I love it!
-He still wears 6 month clothes and getting into more and more 9 month outfits.
-He is a squealer and it's so funny.
I think that's about it for now... We love you so much, our little Baylor Boo! We can't believe it's time to start planning (hmm... I already have) your First Birthday Party. It makes this Mommy SOOOOO sad.

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