Sunday, December 19, 2010

Not a Fan...

We'll we've had two attempts at Santa so far this year and the first ended up with Mama and Daddy in the picture. As soon as we can figure out why our scanner isn't working I will do a post on that with his picture. The second attempt was Friday night at Chappy's. While eating there the weekend before we saw that the guy in the big red suit would be coming for a visit. We thought, hey why not bring Baylor around him one more time and see how he does. Well it didn't go so well.

Enjoy the pictures... Their not in the correct order and I'm too tired to re-do my post!

Riley and Santa! We thought if he went first Baylor would warm up to him...

Not so much!

Bless his heart! He looks so sad, but I'm so glad I got a picture of this to show him one day!

These next picture aren't in the right order, but as you can tell my his face Santa made an appearance at our dinner table before he went to sit in his lap. This is him making sure he wasn't coming back.

Oh no...

I have a few more I will blog when I post his visit from last weekend. We had a SUPER busy weekend (Dinner with Santa, Mickey Mouse Live, Live Nativity, and my Girls Annual Dirty Santa Party). I'll try get to these posts this week. No promises though. We have a lot planned for the Christmas week ahead!

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Guy & Ashley St.Vincent said...

Hi! Can I please ask where do you get all of your little boys sweet smocked outfits and his monogrammed outfits?? you can email me at

thank you!! he is precious!