Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Trip to the Hospital

My dad had been home for exactly 2 weeks yesterday. Then he started hallucinating really bad all day Saturday so my mom had to call the ambulance. He was taken back to Baptist East where he was admitted. They did a MRI on his brain which came back showing no tumors or blood clots. These are the 2 things are were really concerned about as were his oncologist and radiologist. He scan did show shrinkage of the brain. This is normal and happens to everyone as they get older, but his was more advanced for someone his age. We are pretty sure he is about to get diagnosed with dementia. We are all trying to stay positive and hope they can figure out what medications are going to help him the most. He is still in hospital and has to have someone with him 24 hours a day.

He had an appt last Thursday with his doctor's at the Cancer Center and his PET Scan results came back showing that his cancer has not spread. Thank you Lord! We are all very excited about this, but we do realize he is a VERY sick man. We are all praying that he gets to the point that he is able to undergo chemo and radiation.

I will update my blog as soon as we hear something for sure this week. Please continue to keep my dad and our entire family in your prayers. Especially my mother. As everyone knows she has Parkinson's and is not in the best health herself. She is really tired and stressed. She really hopes to get back to work soon because that is what makes her happy. I pray that she can get back to a little bit of a "normal" life soon.

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