Friday, March 20, 2009


My dad is finally home after being in the hospital, Healthsouth, and back to the hospital for over a month. He came home on Saturday afternoon. He has his own hospital bed, wheelchair, walker, and everything else he needs. While going back to the hospital after being discharged from Healthsouth my dad got a feeding tube put in his stomach and all of his teeth pulled in preparation for his radiation. The only thing he has left to do is get his port for chemo and have another PET scan done to make sure the cancer has not spread anymore. I will keep you posted as each of these things happen.

He is getting a little stronger everyday. Yesterday was the first time he used his walker since he's been home. He is still very weak, but we are hopeful that with his feeding tube and him getting the nutrition he needs he will continue to get stronger.

I'm sorry I did not go into great detail. There is just so much going on so fast it's hard to keep up with everything.

Jonathan and I do have a fertility update. We have still been trying the old fashion way and we continue to get the same results. We are going to a new RE in May just for a consult. He is out of Mobile and he comes to my mom's office every Monday to see new patients. We love everyone at ART and think the have done such a great job with everything they have done. We just feel like it's worth a shot getting a 2ND opinion.

Last but not least. We celebrated Riley's 2ND Birthday Party last weekend. I'm going to do a post just for his Birthday and post some pictures in the next few days.

That is it for now. I'm suffering from all this Flu like stuff going around so I'm about to go get some more rest. I will promise to be back soon!

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