Thursday, July 8, 2010

Baylor's First Fourth of July!

We celebrated Baylor's First 4th of July at the beach! The 3 of us and my Mom went down to Seagrove first thing Saturday morning. We were on the beach by 10. PERFECT timing! We stayed at the same little place we stayed at in May. Jonathan and I found it a year or two ago. It's a perfect location and on the beach. It's less than a mile up the road from Seaside and that's where we spent most of our time. We spent the first day on the beach there. Then enjoyed a few meals (Bud and Alley's, Pizza Bar, Bud and Red Bar(Grayton), and Another Broken Egg), the parade, and fireworks there. The weather was great. It was pretty HOT and you can tell how hot from some of Baylor's pictures. He turns so red when he gets hot. He did not burn the whole time we were down there. So far we've done a great job keeping him from getting to much sun on both of our trips down. The beach and the water were so nice too. The only way you would've known anything about a oil spill is from all the workers walking up and down the beach. We talked to a few of them on a couple different occasions and they weren't finding anything. The water was a little rough and had a good bit of algae due to the tropical storm that had been out in the gulf several days prior to our trip.

Baylor really seemed to enjoy himself. He LOVED both the sand and the ocean. We let the water run up on him and he thought it was so much fun. Of course I took a lot of pictures and a few videos I will post the videos in my next post.

Playing on the beach in Seaside!

Cutest. Beach Bum. Ever.

Why did we have to leave the beach?

First time drinking water out of a cup like a Big Boy!

Bud and Alley's!

Enjoying the view from Bud and Alley's!

Lunch on the beach!

LOVING the water!

This beach thing is SO much fun!

I'm done with the pool... let's go back to the beach!

Naps on the beach are the BEST!!!

Awake from a good nap!

Hurry Up! I want to go see the Big Boats!

I like this place!

Waiting for fireworks on the beach on July 3rd!

I'm not ready for bed, yet!

In my red, white, and blue!

The boys waiting on the parade to start!

Too cool!

Happy Birthday, America!

Mama, the flash is too bright!

Waiting on fireworks on the 4th!

Bay's first trip to Red Bar! He loved looking at all the funky decor!

Downloaded twice...

Sleeping during fireworks!

The Good Life!

Sweet Boy!