Friday, September 24, 2010

Cox Family Update (in pictures)!

I have not been doing a good job at updating the blog lately so I thought I would post some pictures to show what we've been up to. Most of these were taken right before Baylor turned 10 months.

Ready for the first Auburn Game!

Watching the game with my cousins!

Frist trip to the Museum!

Watching the ducks outside the museum!

We headed over to ASF to feed the ducks and took a few pictures!

Why won't it open??

My first Labor Day over at my cousins! I loved their tent!

Cooking on my grill!

Dressed in my crimson and white for the Bama game. Love your bear!

I moved up to a new nursery class!

The boys came over to play at my house!

Practicing my walking skills!

Playing outside! My fav!!

Feeding myself dinner!

Sweet baby napping. Notice the bumpers... He must think they are toys!

That's it for now. Are weekends have been full of fun things going on. We are really looking forward to October! Fall festivals, the pumpkin patch, Halloween Parties, the fair (yes ,we plan on taking Baylor), football (hopefully IN Auburn), mums, and the list goes on. We also had Baylor's 9/10 month pictures taken with Kim Box last weekend. I will post those as soon as we get them.

Until next time... WAR EAGLE!

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