Monday, September 13, 2010

Double Digits!

That's right! Baylor turned 10 Months today. Sweet baby boy please slow down. I can't believe I'm planning your Birthday Party already. That's a whole other blog post in itself. I had in visioned one "theme" but have decided to change it at the "last minute." I'm NOT good at making decisions! Just ask my husband.

What are you up at 10 Months?!
-You weigh 20lb 3oz. You had an appointment today (recheck ears-all clear!).
-You are on the go! You are such a fast crawler.
-You are still pulling up on everything. You are starting to let go with one hand as soon as you get up.
-You walk around your crib and some along the couch and coffee table.
-You walk with your walkers.
-You also like to walk with Mommy and Daddy using just one hand.
-You are always talking. Mama, Bababa (bottle), Bye (we think), Dada, and your saying something with a C or T. When you say it you do so soft spoken it's hard to catch what your trying to say.
-You click your tongue a lot. You've been doing this for a month or two now.
-You are dancing more and more. You have 2 moves so far. One is what I call the "pop." When your sitting down you bounce your body up and down. It's so cute and funny! Then you like to slap your hand on your leg, the ground, or in the air.
-You can give a high-five. Mommy taught you that one!
You have always been a great sleeper, but you are getting even better about going right to sleep when we put you down in the evenings.
-You still sleep 10-12 hours a night.
-You look like such a big boy when you feed yourself. Mr. Independent!
-Speaking of food you are such a great eater. So far the only 2 things you've turned away are green beans and English peas.
-You love being outside.
- You have 4 teeth and Dr. M said today that you are working on 4 right now. It's almost time for that steak!
-In the mornings you stand up in your pac-n-play with your mouth pressed up against the top of it watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! If your not in there your in the bathroom with Mommy and into everything your not suppose to be. :)
-You are the most handsome, sweetest, lovable little boy we have ever met. I'm so thankful for being Blessed with such an amazing Baby!

10 Months!

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