Tuesday, March 15, 2011

16 Months!

Our little man turned 16 Months on Sunday. Yep you read right, 16 months!! We can't believe it ourselves. Here are some Fun Facts about our sweet boy:

-He has lots of personality and showing us more and more of it daily.
-He can tell you where his nose is. We're working on the others. The nose took a while because he thought it was funny to respond with "no" and laugh when I would demonstrate no. Funny guy!
-He wants to be outside 24/7. Good thing we've had beautiful lately. He stands at the door at our house and Gin Gin's saying ouside (without the t).
-My favorite thing he has started to do is just walk up to me while I'm getting dressed or just standing there, he wraps his tiny arms around my leg and hugs me. Melts.My.Heart.
-He still loves bath time and if you mention a bath he says baatth and runs to his bathroom.
-He is very strong-willed at times. I'm going to brag on myself a little here. I'm pretty impressed as to how well I seem to handle his "meltdowns." I really do believe all that patience the Lord taught us while trying to conceive has really paid off with my mothering skills as well. Let's just hope I'm not jinxing myself here.
-Some new words he has added to his vocabulary lately are: tree, nose, outside, and juice (he's been saying that one for a while not sure if I've documented it on here or not).

I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot cute and fun things he's doing and I'll be back with them if they come to my lovely memory I have these days.

16 Months

Love this... looks like he's had a tough day at Gin Gin's.

Sweetest. Baby.

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