Friday, March 25, 2011

Plumber's Hiney!

Baylor has sported the "plumber's hiney" a few times lately. We're not real sure if this is him just messing with his diaper or if this is maybe one of the first signs that he's getting ready to start potty training?! Do any of you guys have any input?
We got potty training literature from his Ped at his 15 month appointment so I know potty training is just around the corner. I've scoped out a few potty's for him, but haven't made a final decision. Do any of you have any suggestions on that too? Can it be that time already?!

There it is!

In the act!

Hiney and all he's just so darn cute!


The Olives said...

H does the same thing, but I think it is mainly because the diapers irritate him. He loves to be naked:) B sure is a cutie, hiney and all!!!

The Cobbs said...

I say wait until they are *really* ready to potty train...otherwise you'll be potty training for months or even years. Everything I've read about potty training says that when they are younger, even though they might mentally "be ready" and want to use the potty---they might not physically be *ready*---meaning they don't have muscle control enough to actually "hold it" until they get to the bathroom. We've started putting Hadley on the potty every night before she gets in the bath. This way there is no tee-tee in the bathtub (YAY!!), and she gets used to "going." We just have a seat that we put on the Big potty (it came with a smaller potty, but I think those smaller pottys are just a lot of mess to clean up & they take up a lot of room in the bathroom). She sits on that. I figure if we're out & about she's going to have to know how to use a Big potty, so she should get used to it at home, too. I'm not sure how all of that "works" with boys! ;)
You'll figure it out! Mommy always knows best! I say the earlier you can get them out of diapers...the sooner mommy & daddy get a pay raise! :)
Hugs to your family! Baylor is absolutely precious!!