Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Happy Father's Day to the Best Daddy I know...

My Hubby, Jonathan!

Moments after becoming a Father! He was so proud and still is!!

The Proud Daddy and his son!

I never imagined being blessed with a husband who is so hands on and such a wonderful father to our son, as Jonathan is. He's amazing- he never complains when I need his help and is always willing to do whatever. Baylor is just crazy about him too!

We spent our Father's Day Sunday in town since Papa was sick. We had a very laid back day which was SO nice to enjoy the holiday just the 3 of us for the first part of the day- not rushed to be anywhere at any certain time. Don't you love days like that?! We ended the day with a cookout at the pool. Then a trip to the cemetery.

I can't do a post on Father's Day without expressing how much my Daddy was/is missed. We are doing our best to teach Baylor about him. Visiting at the cemetery is still something that can't be done without tears, but Father's Day it really got to me. When we were leaving Baylor waved bye bye to Grandpa and blew him a kiss. Such a sweet innocent moment by Baylor that we got to witness.

Last and not least I would like to wish Papa a Happy Father's Day! Hope you got lots of rest and are feeling a lot better!

Hope all of you Daddy's and Daddy's-To-Be had a great day as well!

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