Friday, June 24, 2011

Prayers for Chloe!

This sweet old lady needs your prayers!

Yesterday morning we noticed she was walking with her back leg extended out and walking on the top part of her foot instead of her paw pad. Which is called knuckling. It's a neurological sign that something isn't right. A sweet friend of mine came to the house and picked her up to take her to the clinic so I could finish feeding Baylor and getting both of us dressed. The vet said her back seemed to be pretty sore so they gave her a pain injection and did some back x-rays. The x-rays shocked Dr. S because she has never seen vertebrae shaped the way 2 of them were. It has to be a congenital problem she was born with and is just now having swelling around them causing her problems. I ended up being able to bring her home on steroids and some pain medication. If she is not better in 3 days she has to go back and it is likely back surgery will be the next recommendation.

The pain medication seems to be keeping her comfortable which we are very thankful for. We ask that you please keep her in your prayers. Pray that we can continue to control her pain and that the swelling in her back does down so that we can avoid back surgery.

Last night was the first night she did not sleep under the sheets at my feet and I missed her- the licking and all. :)

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Margaret said...

Oh I hope everything gets better with her! I totally understand the love of dogs and how they are just like your child! Sweet doggie!