Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend of Parties!

We had a busy fun weekend of parties. I think Baylor's social calendar is busier than both mine and Jonathan's, but we love it!!

Here is at Granna's pool dancing to the DJ!

Swimming like a big boy!

Swimming with his cousin, Grayden!

Uncle Tab pulling Gray and Baylor around.

Sweet cousin, Riley!

The Birthday Boy, Britton opening gifts!

Riding Britton's firetruck!

Having fun at Hubb's Birthday Party!

Baylor and the Birthday Boy, Hubb!

Birthday Boy!

Ready to play ball!

He didn't want to leave.

We hope all of you had a fun weekend too!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Prayers for Chloe!

This sweet old lady needs your prayers!

Yesterday morning we noticed she was walking with her back leg extended out and walking on the top part of her foot instead of her paw pad. Which is called knuckling. It's a neurological sign that something isn't right. A sweet friend of mine came to the house and picked her up to take her to the clinic so I could finish feeding Baylor and getting both of us dressed. The vet said her back seemed to be pretty sore so they gave her a pain injection and did some back x-rays. The x-rays shocked Dr. S because she has never seen vertebrae shaped the way 2 of them were. It has to be a congenital problem she was born with and is just now having swelling around them causing her problems. I ended up being able to bring her home on steroids and some pain medication. If she is not better in 3 days she has to go back and it is likely back surgery will be the next recommendation.

The pain medication seems to be keeping her comfortable which we are very thankful for. We ask that you please keep her in your prayers. Pray that we can continue to control her pain and that the swelling in her back does down so that we can avoid back surgery.

Last night was the first night she did not sleep under the sheets at my feet and I missed her- the licking and all. :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Happy Father's Day to the Best Daddy I know...

My Hubby, Jonathan!

Moments after becoming a Father! He was so proud and still is!!

The Proud Daddy and his son!

I never imagined being blessed with a husband who is so hands on and such a wonderful father to our son, as Jonathan is. He's amazing- he never complains when I need his help and is always willing to do whatever. Baylor is just crazy about him too!

We spent our Father's Day Sunday in town since Papa was sick. We had a very laid back day which was SO nice to enjoy the holiday just the 3 of us for the first part of the day- not rushed to be anywhere at any certain time. Don't you love days like that?! We ended the day with a cookout at the pool. Then a trip to the cemetery.

I can't do a post on Father's Day without expressing how much my Daddy was/is missed. We are doing our best to teach Baylor about him. Visiting at the cemetery is still something that can't be done without tears, but Father's Day it really got to me. When we were leaving Baylor waved bye bye to Grandpa and blew him a kiss. Such a sweet innocent moment by Baylor that we got to witness.

Last and not least I would like to wish Papa a Happy Father's Day! Hope you got lots of rest and are feeling a lot better!

Hope all of you Daddy's and Daddy's-To-Be had a great day as well!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

19 Months!

This sweet, handsome, silly, loving little boy turned 19 months on Monday and his Mama and Daddy still can't believe it!

Baylor is at such a fun stage here are some fun Baylor Facts:

- He weighs 26lbs
-He's wears 24 Months clothes and a size 6 in shoes
-His favorite things at the moment are (still)- water, trains, balls, outside, and dogs.
- As you can in the picture above he loves wearing our shoes. He goes in our closet and puts on a pair all the time.
- He has a mouth full of teeth!
-He's had 4 haircuts since he was 12 1/2 months- He can grow some hair!
-He loves children. Especially his nephews and niece (wish she lived closer).
-If he see's a baby anywhere he says "baby" in the softest, cutest voice. He even carries his newborn pictures around saying baby. We tell him it's him, but he has no clue what we're talking about- we think.
-He learned to jump in the pool while down at the beach our last trip down. This may make Mama worry a little more at the pool. He's so brave!

I could go on and on. Jonathan and I are so very blessed to have this sweet boy.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cox Family Beach Trip '11

We just back from another great 5 days at the beach. We head down to Destin every summer with Jonathan's parent's (Nana and Papa), his sister, Tracey, and our niece Emma. We had great weather, pretty water, lots of sun, and good food. Everything the beach should be! On our last night we headed down for a stay in Seagrove where Jonathan, Bay, and I usually stay.

Last Monday the day before we headed down the beach I had to take Baylor in to the doctor because he had pink eye, along with two other's from daycare. The 3 of them had a play date that Friday prior and I'm pretty sure they all caught it then. While at his visit Dr. M told me to keep a close watch eye on him because he was having a runny nose and red throat and his ears may be right behind them. Well he was right- Baylor did not sleep or eat well the whole trip. Totally out of character for him. We had to get his Ped to call him in some meds which we were so thankful for.

Now for pictures- Warning it's a picture OVERLOAD. I took A LOT more,but it takes forever to upload them on here.


Nana having to hold Bay back from going in the ocean. He thinks he is such a big boy and he can go in by himself. He loves it!

That water makes me itch!

Our Beach Boy!

Playing with Papa's shoelaces.

Emma likes to carry Bay around.

I stole some one's noodle!

Love him!

Making the "truck sound!"

Late afternoon fun on the beach. Right before a little shower. It felt so good and the sky was so pretty!

"I could get use to this"

Feeding the seagulls or as he would call them "birds or "tish"

Big Boy!

Splash Pad. Loved it!

Jungle boy- He must have something over his diaper or you will find him like this.

Emma riding the bull!


Daddy chipping!

He can't sit still...

"Thoma" has he calls EVERY train. Went back 2 nights in a row for a total of 3 rides.

"Wa Wa"

Another splash pad!

He runs through it with his mouth opened.

My boys!

Natural Beach Bum!

He learned how to jump- in this trip!

Our attempt at a family picture with a tired and sick baby.

Our little beach bum turned 19 months today. I'll do a post on that in the next few days.