Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Mr. Larry holding up his Christmas gift from Tracey and Emma!
Emma playing nurse like her mommy!
Tracey and Emma!
Opening gifts!
Emma in her room with her princess tree!
Riley opening gifts at his Granna and Grandpa's!
Grayden rolling around on the floor!
Uncle Jonathan helping Riley open his Santa gifts!
Riley's stocking at his Granna and Grandpa's
Grayden's stocking at his Granna and Grandpa's!
Now that Christmas has come and gone let me share with you what our Christmas was like. The weekend before Christmas Jonathan and I headed up to Memphis with his parents to stay with Tracey and Emma. We spent all day Saturday together. That night we had dinner and opened gifts. Then Jonathan, Mr. Larry, me, and Tracey headed upstairs to start putting together Emma's Santa Claus gifts. Early Sunday morning Emma woke up to a new doll house, a Sleeping Beauty vanity, a Little Mermaid big wheel, and some dress up clothes. She loved everything that Santa brought her. Jonathan and I were so excited we were able to spend the weekend with both her and Tracey. I'm going to post some pictures of the weekend. You won't believe how much Emma has grown!
Now to Christmas morning. Jonathan and I woke really early and headed over to Tab and Meribeth's. They had the grandparent's and great grandparents over to watch the boys open their Santa gifts. Riley got a new tricycle, Mr. Potato head, Mega Blocks, Ants in my Pants game, and lots more. Santa brought Grayden some teething rings. He just got his first tooth too! He also got some smaller things. Everyone sat around while they played and we had a nice breakfast. After everyone was done eating it was time to head over to my parent's house to do our Christmas. We all sat around then opened gifts. Riley and Grayden went first and let me just say that their Granna and Grandpa spoil them beyond words! Riley got a Thomas the train tent, a tee ball set, basketball goal, football, several books, clothes, a doodle board, a Elmo camera, and I can't even remember the rest. Grayden got clothes, books, a musical fish tank, and lots and lots of more toys.

After opening all of our gifts and spending time with my family it was time to head up to Trussville. All of Jonathan's family was up there besides Tracey and Emma. We had lots of good food and fun sitting around catching up with all of his cousins. Then it was present time. Jonathan and I are so thankful for everything we received this year. We got way more than we deserve. After visiting with everyone a little while longer it was time to head back to Montgomery.
When we got back to Montgomery we went over to my parent's to meet up with my mom, Tab, Meribeth, and Riley to go look at Christmas lights. We do this every year. It is always so much fun.
That pretty much wraps up our Christmas. It was a great one, but I have to say I'm glad it's come and gone. Both Jonathan and I are looking forward to moving on to 2009 and everything it has in store for us.
Now it's time to get ready to head back to work in the morning:( I guess I can't complain to much because we have another short week! I will check in soon.
I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas. Happy New Year if I'm not back on here before the new year!

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