Friday, March 5, 2010

16 Weeks and Recent Pictures!

16 Weeks!

Being sick is no fun!

Thank you for my Jammies, Linds!

Starting to get sick... fell asleep while on my playmat.

Cousin Riley feeding Me!

Baylor is 16 weeks today. Our little man is feeling a lot better today too. Perfect timing for a pretty weekend ahead.

What are you up to Baylor?!
-You are still eating 4oz every feeding, except for your last one before bedtime. You will take 5-6oz.
-You are still in size 1 diapers.
-You are wearing 0-3months and some 3 month clothes,but the diaper covers you wore for your 3 month pictures are Newborn. You just got out of your premie pair.
-Your eyes are still blue and Dr. M told Mama and Daddy at your 2 month appt he expects them to stay blue.
-Your hair is still dark and straight with a few thin spots from you rubbing your head while you sleep.
-You love your play mat and enjoy grabbing the little animals on it.
- Your cooing, smiling, and laughing a lot more!
-You grab hold to everything.
-You want to chew on everything. Especially your hands (We're pretty sure your teething)
-Drooling A LOT-hence the teething!
-You are so good at holding your head up. You can do it for longer periods now.
-You almost rolled all the way over (back to tummy) the other night, but your left shoulder still gets in the way.
-You really like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You also like when Mama and Daddy sing the Hotdog Song to you :)
- You LOVE bath time still. Mama and Daddy are looking forward to taking you on your first beach trip in May since you really seem to enjoy the water!
-You love playing in Mama and Daddy's bed at night and we love it too :)
-When went to your first sick doctor's visit this week and it was no fun. You weighed 16lb 14oz (with clothes on) at that visit. We'll get your 4 month stats in 7 days!
-You love when we take your diaper off to change you. You start smiling and laughing. I think you would rather us leave it off.
-You love when we change take your clothes off too. You think it's so funny!

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