Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bless His Heart!

This sweet baby boy has been sick this week. Bless his heart! Last weekend during his 3 month pictures with Suzanne he conked out right in the middle of them. That was very unusual for him. He never passes out while being stimulated in anyway. He also slept a lot last weekend. I noticed last week that his right eye was running some,but wasn't really showing any other signs. Well once this week started, he got worse. He got to where he wanted us to hold him constantly, he started to get a low grade fever of 99.0. We honestly thought at first it was a sign of him teething bc he has been putting everything in his mouth and wanting to chew on it. He also has been drooling TONS. Well Tuesday evening he started coughing, sounded pretty stuffy in his nose, and his temp started going up. By Wednesday morning it was over 101.00 so I called his Dr. as soon as they opened and they told us to be there a hour later. LOVE them! It ended up being a viral infection. They did test him for strep since his throat was pretty red. It was neg! Dr. M also tested him for RSV which was also-neg! He was not a happy little man when we left and I don't blame him. He slept most of the day yesterday. Today a lot of his congestion is starting to drain and he's miserable. I just feel so sad for my sweet baby. I have enjoyed all of our extra cuddling this week :) Both Jonathan and I have had the crud too. We aren't sure if we got it from him or the other way around. No one at Mrs. B's has been sick so we're pretty sure he didn't pick it up there. Don't you just love this time of year?!

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The Olives said...

Bless him! I will be praying for a speedy recovery (for ya'll too)!! BTW, LOVED his 3 months. he sure is a beautiful baby.