Wednesday, March 17, 2010

4 Month Check Up and Update!

Handsome Boy!

Sorry about the lighting!

Baylor with his Mickey Mouse from Nana and Papa!

My 1st St. Partrick's Day!

Sitting in my Bebe Pod before my Doctor's Appt.

Sucking my thumb!

What are you about to do?!

Hey Mama, I'm getting the hang of it!

Baylor had his 4 month Check Up with Dr. Morrison today and he did so good! First stats- 14lb 1oz (48%), 25 3/4in (top 20%), and head circumference was 17 (75%). He is a long lean baby! Baylor is excited because Dr. M gave us the okay to start solids. The "plan" we were given was to start rice cereal by spoon tonight and every evening with dinner. We will start out giving him 1-2 TBSP and increase it per his request. We will start adding it in the mornings after his first bottle after we've done it for a few nights. Next up is veggies (carrots, squash, & sweet peas) at lunch! After we've done 2 weeks of veggies at lunch and cereal for breakfast and dinner we will add in fruits with his cereal. After 2 weeks of all of that we will finally add in green veggies. By his 6 month appt in May he should be eating solids all 3 meals. He will still get his bottles as he does now until he starts to show us he doesn't want them as much.

Dr. M said Baylor looked perfect. One thing he did confirm to us is that he is teething. His bottom gum is swollen and white. Jonathan and I already knew this (or at least we were pretty sure) because of all his chewing and drooling. We can't believe it's already time for teething. Next up-sitting which he should be doing around 6 months. Baylor-SLOW DOWN!!! Since we will head down to the beach for his 1st trip before our next appt we went over sun safety today and now we're just counting down the days til we leave!

Baylor had the best time at the office today. He LOVES the exam table. We think he likes hearing the paper crinkle when he moves. He was kicking his legs so fast and hard. Then he would grab the paper with his hands. It was so funny to watch him. Dr. M walked in and said Baylor I'm glad to see your destroying my exam room :)

Now a little update on what Baylor is up to at 4 months!

-Size 1 diapers

-0-3 months or 3 month clothes

-He drinks 28oz most days (4oz, 5oz, 4oz...)

-He's sleeping 7-9 hours a night.

-He has started lifting his neck and back while sitting in his swing reaching for his toes.

-While laying flat he likes us to pull him up by his arms to a sitting position while helping us. He lifts his neck and head to let us know he wants to do it.

-He's "talking" a lot more and sometimes does it while falling asleep.

-He can sit in his car/bouncy/walker thing. He's still working on holding his head up for long periods, but does a good job. When he gets tired he rests his head on the steering wheel.

-We've put him in his bebe pod a few times. He's getting better at sitting in it.

-He can almost roll all the way over (back to tummy). If only his shoulder didn't stop him.

-He likes to grab his hair.

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Scott Woodard said...

Precious!! Amelia is not even close to rolling back to front. She has mastered front to back though :) Hope they meet one day!