Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baylor's First Beach Trip!

Toes in the sand for the very first time!

Our first Family Beach Picture... moments after we arrived in Seaside!

I could get use to this beach thing!

The Blackwell Family moments after they arrived!

Granna and Bay checking out the beach!


Sweet Baby!

Group shot after dinner at Guy Harvey's!

Ready to hit the beach!

Sweet Brothers!

Notice he had some sand of his own in his pool, thanks to his cousins :)


Bud's House! He will be big enough to play in there soon enough!

Passed out in the pool floating!

Pizza Bar!

The Blackwell Family!

I don't want to go inside!

Cool Guy!

He loves his Frog Float the Easter Bunny brought him!

6 Months Old and Handsome!

Daddy and Bay!

The beach is so relaxing!

Boys are SO much fun!

Reading "Find Me In The Ocean!"

Passed out... again!

Big Boy!

Chewing on my gums!

Bumper Boats! Thanks to these 2 I got SOAKED!

Laying out!

This is the life!

Family Picture at Margaritaville!

Baylor's first balloon animal, a monkey! He was to small for a hat!

Group Picture... not the best, oh well!

Baylor and his Monkey!

The boys playing on the hammocks!

Baylor in front of the Seaside store... Jonathan and I have had several pictures taken here over the years. One of the worker's actually recognized us when we were in the store this trip. Jonathan asked for the I recognize you discount, HA!

They had the best time!

The 3 Amigos!

Enjoying the wind blowing through his hair!

Are y'all sure we can't stay down here?!

We headed down to the beach for 5 days the Wednesday before last (the 12th) and had a BLAST! Jonathan and I were so excited about taking Baylor down for his first trip. We stayed in Seagrove with my mom, brother, sister-in-law, and the boys. We had PERFECT weather the whole time. Baylor did so good the whole trip. I was a little worried I knew that my "normal" beach days ( staying on the beach for 8 hours straight) were over now that I have a baby. We still got a lot of beach time. We took his baby pool from home which has a shade on it. He loves playing in it and so did his cousins. I sat in there a lot with him too. He took a couple naps on the beach as well. One time completely covered from head to toe with a towel and hat. I was so worried about him getting burned. He got a little sun the first day which luckily went away by the next morning. He also took a nap in the pool while floating! I've stated several times on here that he loves the water and he didn't prove us wrong during our trip.

We did so many things while we were down there. We visited many places along 30A. We made several trips to Seaside which was less than a minute down the road from where we stayed. We did some shopping while there. We ate in Seaside 3 different times (Bud and Alley's Pizza Bar, Pickles, and The Great Southern) throughout our stay too. We at breakfast in Grayton one morning ( at Another Broken Egg). 2 nights we headed over to Pier Park in Panama City to eat at Guy Harvey's and Margaritaville. Jonathan and I were the only one's who had been to Margaritaville so we wanted to take everyone. Especially the boys. We knew they would LOVE it. It is such a fun atmosphere. Then one night we headed to Destin. We stopped by the outlets, ate at one of our all time favorites (The Back Porch), and then headed to the track to let the boys ride some rides. I was shocked by how brave they were. They rode everything even the kiddie Ferris heel. Even though it's a kiddie ride. It was still pretty high. They are fearless!

It was just a GREAT trip. We made so many special memories with Baylor. We can already tell he's going to love the beach as much as we do. We can't wait to head back down the summer!
Hope you enjoy the pictures... I think I took close to 300. Those of you that know me well aren't suprised by that. You can NEVER have to many pictures!


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SO fun!! Adorable pics! We are going to Seaside in July- as long as the oil doesn't take over the beach :(