Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Half Year Birthday and Exam!

Sweet Baby at his 6 Month Check Up!

Holding on to the paper!

Notice the tear in the paper :)

He loves going to see Dr. M!

Until this happens.... Mama, HELP ME!

Back to playing with his toy!

We spent Baylor's "Half Year Birthday" at the beach! We had so much fun making lots of sweet memories with him and my family. More on the beach in my next blog post!

We took him in for his 6 month visit yesterday and here are his stats:

WEIGHT 16lB 11oz (48%)

HEIGHT 24 1/2 in (top 20%)


He's still a long lean little man! We found out yesterday he has an ear infection in his right ear so we started meds for it yesterday afternoon. His skin is looking better. I didn't post last week,but I took him in last Tuesday before we headed down to the beach to get skin looked at AGAIN. We were getting so frustrated because we stopped the foods we thought he had allergies to and used the cream they gave us and it still wasn't gone. Well we got to see his regular doctor and we now are pretty sure it's not food allergies, but eczema. We are still using the cream. We changed baby wash and lotion, and we're not suppose to bathe him, but every 2-3 days. We were so happy to find out what it was and relieved it wasn't all the solids we had been giving him. He can now eat all the foods he has already been introduced to. We started greens (green beans) down at the beach. He didn't keep those down good so we will re-introduce those in a couple months. Dr. M wants us to start introducing the sippy cup at dinner time. I can't believe it's time for a sippy, already! He did good with his shots. He got mad with each one and cried a little, but after each one he stopped. By the end of the visit he was ready to get out of there and I don't blame him!

What are you up to Baylor?!

You drink 28- 32oz a day. We just started you on 8 oz feedings yesterday.

You eat a rice cereal, fruit, and veggies everyday.

You put EVERYTHING in your mouth. Including your cute little feet!

You are still learning to sit and doing a good job at it.

You love to watch our dogs. You think Chloe is so funny and you like to "talk" to Hank!

You usually go to sleep between 7 and 8 and sleep til we wake you up a little after 6 on the weekdays. On the weekends you usually sleep til 7 or 8.

You LOVE to be in the water. It can be the bath or the pool either one will do for you!

You just started to sleep on your stomach a couple weeks ago.

You are taking your paci more than usual. Mama and Dada think it's because you are teething.

You love your Lovie and your Sophie (giraffe teether). They go everywhere with you.
You are not a morning person. You get this from your Mama.
You still love your swing.
Your favorite thing more than anything is being outside. You could be playing on your blankets, in our activity center, swimming, or just sitting. You love all things about being outside. Mama and Daddy can't wait for lots of time outside with you :)

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