Tuesday, January 18, 2011

14 Months!

Baylor turned 14 months last Thursday. He is changing so much Every.Single.Day. It's amazing how much you can love someone, but I have to say our love for him grows daily. He's such a special, sweet, silly, strong-willed, and handsome baby! We are very blessed to have him in our lives!!

I did a little update on him last week, but here a few more "Baylor Facts" :

-He weighs around 23 lbs (based on our scale with Daddy holding him).
-He is growing out of his 12 months clothes in the length.
-He is such a good eater. He really loves fruits. I don't think I've found one he doesn't like. I think Blueberries, bananas, and strawberries are his fav!
-He loves being around other children. He has so much fun playing with them. I was even holding one of the babies at daycare last week thinking, oh no he might not like this, but he walked over smiled and gave the sweet baby a kiss. This makes Mommy and Daddy happy since we would like siblings for our sweet boy...
-Daycare-he started another in-home daycare that is 5 mins from my work and only a little over 5 minutes from Jonathan's. We knew people who have used her in the past and highly recommended her and we know 2 children that stay with her now. So far he loves it and so do we.
-Mrs. Virginia (Gin Gin), Baylor's new nanny tells me everyday that he talks and is on the go all.day.long.
-Speaking of talking his vocabulary is growing: Mama, Dada, dog, ball, bye, hey, thank you, no, there you go (we haven't heard him say it, but Gin said her repeated it twice the other day), Hank, cheese, he's said "Granna" a few times too, Duck, outside, and I think that's it for today!
-He blows kisses, waves, barks, and stomps his feet dancing.
-Some of your favorite things right now are your fridge magnets, wagon, cozy coupe, ball, and books.

Thats some fun facts about Bay right now! We'll be back soon with more!

Silly boy!

How cute his he when he squats?!


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Laney said...

He is beyond precious! His eyes are amazing and he gets more adorable each day.