Friday, January 7, 2011

Fun Facts Friday!

A couple weeks ago I realized I never did a 13 month post for Bay. Shame on me! I thought I would do a little post about some fun things Baylor is now doing.

-He takes his socks off almost every night when we put him to bed so we started waiting til he falls asleep to go in and put them on him. We didn't do that the other night and we watched him on the monitor take his socks off. Then he tried so hard and for so long to put them back on. That was a first!

-He loves his crib. He sits in there before and after naps/bedtime and plays with toys or runs back in forth. We get a kick out of watching him!

-We have a dogie door in our kitchen which he learned to use for himself last week. That's another story! Those of you that have dogie doors know that they come with a slide in door to close when you would like. I guess he has seen us watch it because today he picked up the "slide in" and went over to the door and tried to lock it like we do. It's amazing how they pick up on little things like this. We rarely ever lock it!

-Doorknobs! Today was the first day I've seen him walk up to the front door and grab the doorknob. I think it's time to baby proof those too!

-He now has 7 teeth and any minute his 8th should be cutting!

-He is really into curious George now, along with his other faves Mickey and Praise Baby!

-He's starting to climb on things boxes, toys, in the fridge, etc... Scary!

Those are just a few random facts about Bay right now! Now I'll leave you with some of his 12/13 months UN-edited proofs and a couple random pictures! Happy Weekend and WAR EAGLE!!

This is how he carries his lovie around most of the time!

Sweet baby!
Watching a movie!

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