Monday, January 3, 2011


That's what I've been working on since the day after Christmas. Just when I think I have all the clothes Bay has out-grown I find more in his closet. Hence the Newborn - 6 Months and Newborn- 12 Months picture below. I couldn't bring myself to put all of his gowns and "baby outfits" up for storage. Why is this so hard??? I can probably tell you when and where he wore all of his sweet little outfits. Ahh... I guess this is just part of my baby boy "growing up."

I've also been trying to organize all of his toys. He got so much for his Birthday and Christmas. It's so overwhelming. I think this will continue to be an on-going project that I will never really be complete!

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Margaret said...

Don't feel bad-I still have Simms' special gowns and outfits from NB thru now hanging up in her closet. Cope's too of course, but Simms is 3!! I just can't take them down and put them up! It's hard for them to get older!