Thursday, April 14, 2011

17 Months!

Baylor turned 17 months yesterday. I can't believe next month my baby will be a year and a half. He is so much fun at this stage and at times a handful, but I wouldn't try the stage for anything. He has been sick this week. I got a call Monday afternoon from Gin Gin that he was running a fever. I took him in to see his Ped on Tuesday morning after a restless night and a higher temp. He had a strep test, flu test, and blood work done because of his high temp. Thankfully everything came back normal except for his WBC which goes along with a viral infection. He was so pitiful even falling asleep in the exam room- that never happens. Dr. M ordered switching up Tylenol and Motrin, dimetapp if needed at night for cough, and lots of TLC. I must admit I've enjoyed all this extra cuddle time with my baby. I think he's given me just as much TLC as I have him, if not more. Here are some things are Baylor is up to at 17 months: -He is always on the go if it's walking/running or dancing. Even if he's sitting still in my lap, his chair, or carseat if a song comes on he likes he kicks his little feet around. It's so cute! -We have been listening to one of his CD's in the car lately that has a lot of familiar children's songs on it and he has started "singing" along with the CD and me. -When a song ends he puts his hands up the air, claps, ans says YAAAAY! -If he's thirsty he will bring us his cup and say juice. -His answer to everything is NO. Even if we know he wants something he still says no. He says it in very different tones too. Sometimes including a head shake. -His feet are growing so fast. He was in a 5 or 5W depending on the shoe and Mama's about to have go get some size 6 shoes to make it through the summer. -He is wearing 18 and 24 months. I'm mostly only buying 24 months since he's so tall. We usually have our problem in the stride being to tight. - He finally moved up to size 4 diapers a couple weeks ago. -He has 12 teeth now! This is my second post in one day and my 4th this week. I'm on a roll!

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