Monday, April 11, 2011

Zoo Weekend and Some Randoms!

Two weekends ago we headed to Zoo Weekend along with every other person in Montgomery. WOW! I'm not sure we will make it that weekend again. It was CRAZY with all the people, but Baylor had so much fun and that's all that matters. Here are some random pictures I took a couple weeks ago and some from our time at the Zoo! LOVE this picture. I think Baylor looks like a little angel! I caught him on our coffee table a couple weeks ago. He used his pottery barn chair to boost himself up there. He was so proud of himself and said "cheese" when I walked in and caught him. Our sweet friends Lindsey and Jarrod bought Baylor a Baylor Bear's shirt and football. He loves them! Coloring one Friday morning... He tried touching the turtle He liked sitting in the firetruck! Getting tired. Duck! And he was out before we made it to the car.

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