Sunday, May 15, 2011

Year and a Half!

Our sweet boy turned 18 Months on Friday. Are some things he is up to:

-Talking non stop. Seems like he picks up new words daily.
-He started counting to 2!
-He loves the "Wa Wa" still. It doesn't care if it's the "baf baf," pool, hose, or pond. He loves it!
-He can tell you what the cow, duck, dog, cat, and chicken say.
-On top of talking he sings a lot, at home and in the car.
-My favorite part of the day is when he wants to be still in mine or Daddy's arms right before he goes to bed.
-He gives the best wrap around hugs and sweetest kisses.
I could go on and on. It really does seem like he changes more and more everyday. His Daddy and I couldn't be more proud of our sweet boy!

Naked Baby in car with Lovie!

"Baf Baf"

All clean after his bath!

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