Tuesday, September 20, 2011

22 Months!

Baylor turned 22 months a week and I'm just now getting to this post. I've really been slacking at this whole blogging thing lately.

Here are some things our sweet boys is up to:
-Talking all.the.time.
-He is a singer and sings to songs on the tv and in the car.
-He loves our dogs and likes to "walk" Hank around our house with the leash.
-He is hooked on trains or choo choo's whatever he likes to call them.
-He weighed 26.8lbs at his dr. appt last week.
-We just got him back in his bed through the night after having some issues when we had to convert his bed to a toddler bed. Very thankful- we're all getting much better sleep.
-He is such a good eater. LOVES fruits most veggies. He also LOVES Mexican and Italian. He gets that from both Mama and Daddy.
-He has started telling us when he has "pooped". Maybe one day soon he will tell us before he actually does it instead of after.
-He absolutely loves being around other children. Good thing he has a big social circle that keeps him busy.
-He is very independent and likes to do things on his own ex. brushing his teeth, brushing his hair, picking out his own popsicle...

I could go on and on because Baylor is growing and changing everyday. We are so very blessed to have this sweet boy. I thank God daily for choosing us to be his parent's and for me to have the opportunity to carry him.

Here are some recent picures of the Big 22 Month Old!

He loves going to his cousin's soccer games!

After a fudgesicle... his fav!

Being silly with Daddy!

He loves stickers and can be caught wearing one of his AU stickers around the house at any moment.

Watching Riley play soccer with cousin, Grayden. These two are wild together. Love it!!


Attempt at a picture of the 3 stooges.

Granna bought him his first Auburn Jersey!

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