Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I received great news at my appointment this morning. I have 1 lead follicle and 2 right behind it that should all 3 contain mature eggs- Praise. My uterine lining also went from 6mm yesterday to 7.5 and on some views could be rounded up to 8mm, which is the number they ideally like to see- Praise.

I really appreciate all you prayer warriors out there. A special thank to those who have kept us in their prayers from the beginning of this journey-round 2. Even though we have not under gone as many medicated cycles, IUI's, or IVF this time around, like last it has been pretty tough at times so your thoughts, prayers, and sweet messages are always being felt.

That's all the fertility talk I have now. Will keep everyone posted! Please continue to PRAY!

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Margaret said...

so happy to read this! praise the Lord!! still praying..