Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day Beach Trip '11

Last Thursday we were going back and fourth about cancelling our Labor Day beach trip. I was leaning more towards moving it back, but Jonathan thought it would still be a good weekend to go down despite Tropical Storm, Lee. I'm glad we ended up heading down first thing Friday morning because we had a great trip. It was warm and humid, but we had lots of wind and it felt awesome!

This trip we were really amazed by how familiar Baylor has become with our common stops down along 30A and it was so fun to see him get excited when he remembered certain and places and things. We look forward to many more summers down on the gulf with our sweet boy. This summer has been so much fun and so many special memories were made.

Our first stop was at George's in Alys Beach! A new fav for us!

He must think he is a dog.

He loved this fountain and was soaked by the time we left.

Such a cute little place!

Walking out our door heading to the beach!

We still got some good beach time in despite T.S. Lee.

The water was SO warm. It felt great!

Working hard...

Not sure about the puddle jumper. He had a love/hate relationship with it.

He loves for us to just let him go in the pool when he has his puddle jumper on, but we stay near.

Double Red flags went up Friday evening.

Walking around Seaside while we wait for our food at Pizza Bar- where a little garden snake was found right next to our table- scary! The locals didn't seem faced by it at all.

The water was so beautiful.

Love his wind-blown hair!

Toes in the sand. I never get tired of taking these pictures.

At last... he absolutely loves running around with all the other children.

"Doggie" We have to stop and pet every dog we see.

Watching Toy Story 3 with his light up necklace. He now has a light up sword, bubble gun, and 3 necklaces.

Mama and Bay after a fun night out.

Ready for the game!

All BOY!

Of course his trains also made the trip.

Lunch at Cowgirl Kitchen!


He loves playing at the Destin Commons.

Playing with his new dinosaur puzzle Granna bought him.

Lunch at Angelina's

He loves pasta like his Mama and Daddy!

Playing in the rain puddles.

Of course once he saw the other kids playing he had to join them.

He had so much fun!

Happy to be back down on the beach!

"Knee deep in the water somewhere..."

We headed down to Rosemary one afternoon.

First time doing the Limbo.

Bear at the Beach to get another Thomas Train- tradition for us!

He loves the Koi ponds outside Another Broken Egg and of course he remembered where they were before he say them.


Margaret said...

don't know why I just saw this post..but glad I did. baylor seriously has to be the best dressed kid I know {well I know I don't "know" him but I feel like I do :)} and he looks just so, so sweet. hope things are going good for you!

The Cobbs said...

Love the pictures you took of Baylor! Looks like y'all had a great time! What sweet memories. :)