Wednesday, October 19, 2011

23 Months!

This little man turned 23 months last Thursday...

I know I say it every month and it's so cliche,but man does time fly. We have been busy getting ready for his Birthday Party and its seems like we just had his first.

Some of his new things are jumping. He just figured out how to get both feet off the ground and he thinks it's so much fun. He sings and whispers a lot. He likes to climb and we are trying to brake him of that. He is wearing a size 8 shoe and is beginning to pretty much skip 24 months clothes for 2T. He is really tall. We go back for his 2 year check up at the end of November and I can't wait to hear his estimated adult height. He is so lovable he will stop what he's doing just to come over give a hug and a kiss and be on his way. He enjoys bossing our dog's around. We hear a lot of " No, no, Hank/ Chloe." He truly amazes us daily with things he says or does. This age is so much fun- why can't he stay like this forever?!

Here are a few more pictures of him at Holiday Market making a sweet "painting."

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