Monday, January 23, 2012

10 Week OB Appt

Last was my first OB Appt and I was 10 1/2 week at that time. Before I saw my favorite OB I had a quick ultrasound to make sure Baby was doing ok and he or she was moving around and had a heartbeat of 171. The other point of the appointment was uneventful with a weight check, BP check, and we discussed the history of my pregnancy with Baylor.

So fast forward 2 days later to Friday morning. I was home with Baylor because when I picked him up Thursday afternoon from Gin Gin's he started vomiting- another lovely virus. I woke up and immediately knew something wasn't right. I called Jonathan so upset and told him he had to come home to watch Bay because I needed to get to the doctor. I called the office and didn't feel like waiting for an operator so I called my mom who also works for my OB and told her to call my Dr. D's nurse and the front desk and let them know I was coming right then. Thankfully they got me back after a few minutes and I spoke to the nurse and then went back for an ultrasound. The room was so quiet between me, my mom, and Amy the ultrasound tech. Right away we saw the baby moving all around with a heartbeat of 168 which was a huge relief, but I still was waiting to see what was causing the symptoms I was having. Amy then said I had a placenta previa. This is very common. A lot of women never even know they have have it because they never show any signs. The good news is that placenta previa is corrected by 20 weeks in 95% of women who have it. I was sent home on bed rest for the whole weekend. Let me tell you I could not imagine having to do this whole bed rest thing throughout the rest of my pregnancy. So I'm praying and ask that you join me in praying that it does correct itself and that I don't have any more issues caused from it. Not being able to care for Baylor this weekend was extremely difficult as I'm sure it would be on any mother. Jonathan and I are the type of parent's who like to do everything for Baylor ourselves. I know everyone is different, but we enjoy doing it all. That was my biggest concern the whole weekend- what if I have to go on bed rest longer? What if I have to stay in the hospital overnight? For the record Baylor has never spent the night away from us. Jonathan and I have had no reason to let him or wanted to. I don't see that changing anytime in the near future. We've joked that he may come home from the hospital after the baby's delivery to stay with Bay at night- and we might actually do it. Glad to know we're not the only one's who are the same way,but if we were that would be ok too. As parent's who both work full time and Jonathan who is back in school at night, we absolutely cherish every second we can get with our sweet little man that we worked so hard to have.

So that is my spill... Please, please keep me in your prayers- Pray that the placenta previa corrects itself. If for some reason it's not going to anytime soon then please pray I don't have any symptoms from it. Pray that I can stay healthy and off bed rest so I can care for sweet boy and help Jonathan out. I return for an ultrasound in 2 weeks just to see what's going on and if there are any changes.

I have ultrasound pictures from Wednesday and Friday that I'm going to try and post tomorrow.

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Margaret said...

Praying for you and the previa! I know of several girls that have had this and it corrected! I had a partial and it also corrected! So hopefully yours will too! Keep us posted! And I also know of dads that have come home to stay with older siblings after a new baby! It certainly makes it easier. It killed me for us to both be away from simms during such a big change for her! You have to do what works best for yall!!