Friday, January 6, 2012

2 Year Check Up!

Baylor had his 2 year check up back at the beginning of December . He was such a big boy! He went potty in the cup for his urinalysis. The nurses were shocked when I asked if he needed to go in a cup. They said they don't see that many 2 year olds potty training that well, especially boys. He lucked out this check up and only had to pricked in the finger to blood work- at which he did not cry at all for. He is the 35% for weight- I promise he eats a lot most days. He is just so active. He is also in the top 95th percentile for height and Dr. M estimated his adult height to be 6"2- tall boy! I have the actually numbers writing down in on a piece of paper Dr.M gave me, but don't have it with me at the moment. I'll be back to update with those soon. We are very thankful we have a very healthy boy. He did have an ear infection which was caused from the croup he battled the week before, but after some good meds he was feeling great.

Here are a couple pictures of him waiting on Dr.M- why by the way he absolutely loves and do we!

Some things Baylor is up to are:

- Potty training and doing so well.

- In pull up during the day and diapers for naps and nap time

-Talking and Singing nonstop

-Tells us "love you"back when we tell him- melts my heart!

-See's his sibling's ultrasound picture and says "baby" in the cheesiest little voice. He's so cute!

-Love his Woody and Buzz that he got from Santa. He likes to say " to infinity and beyond" like Buzz.

- Favorite thing to eat is fruit- still. He would live off it if we let him.

-Absolutely adores his nephews. Asks for the them all the time. A week from Monday he will be getting a new niece too. Not to sure what he will think of her.

-Thinks timeout is the worst thing ever because he has to be still, but goes straight to it when I tell him to. He always trys " I have a boo" to get out- smart kid!

- And of course he has his Mommy and Daddy's whole heart!!

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