Monday, January 16, 2012

Baby Cox Update!

Finally a Baby Cox update... I'm 10 weeks preggo now and starting to feel better. Fingers crossed. I thought I was going to skip the whole "morning" sickness thing this time,but it started a little later and has left without sticking around long, which I'm extremely thankful for. I got discharged from ART last Monday and will have my first OB Appointment on Wednesday morning right after I have my first OB ultrasound. I'm excited about seeing our sweet baby again. I'm going to miss my weekly ultrasounds at ART.

Here are some ultrasound pictures staring at week 6...

7 Weeks

8 Weeks

Another 8 week view. This is my favorite picture so far.

9 Weeks

I'll be back with an update after my OB appointment on Wednesday!

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