Sunday, March 25, 2012


Thought I would do a little update on our sweet and silly boy!

Here are some of the funny things he's been saying-

"Cathle (castle)" When we pull up to church on Sundays. He's does know it's church, but I guess he think it looks like a castle. And he's right the old santuary does look like a castle.

Speaing of church-
He talks about it all the time. Some mornings on the way to Gin Gin's he ask to go. It makes his Mommy and Daddy so happy to hear the joy in his voice when talks about church.

"I hold you, Mama" He tells me this when he wants me to hold him. Oh my I don't think he can get any sweeter than when he tells me his- well unless he's saying " I love you the most" after I tell him. Everyone that told me boys are so special and sweet were right. There is just something about a little boy- and to think we're going to be blessed with another one!

"Good Job" He hasn't told me this,but will tell his Dada after he does some things. I guess it's a "guy" thing!

Other than saying some pretty funny things he is going through a very affectionate stage. He's always up for giving kisses and hugs,but lately he offers thing often for no reason. We are so in love with this sweet boy!

That's it for now. I go Tuesday for my big 20 week ultrasound and on Wednesday I start a new job. Lot's of fun, exciting things happening. Hope to be back soon with pictures from the ultrasound!

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