Thursday, March 8, 2012

Big Boy Undies!

Baylor has been in these since Monday morning...

And he has done great!He's only had 2 accidents. The first accident was Tuesday when Jonathan went to pick him up from Gin Gin's and he started yelling for "Da Da" because he wet himself. The other time was yesterday afternoon while he was again outside playing at Gin Gin's. He had just gone 20 mins prior. Virginia thinks he just didn't get it all out and he was to occupied to stop and go back in after he started playing.

He still doesn't tell he needs to go most times. We just ask him every 30mins to an hour and he runs in the bathroom and goes. He did do a wonderful job Tuesday evening we heard him open the bathroom door so Jonathan went to check on him and he was standing over his little potty going by himself.

We're so proud of our sweet boy. I've been told boys don't potty train as well and as fas as girls,but he's doing wonderful. He's been using the potty since right before his 2nd Birthday, but we never did full on potty training. He wore pull ups during the day and a diaper at night. When we were home with him on the weekends and at night we would put him in his big boy undies to get him use to them. He loves his Thomas the Train, Mickey Mouse, and Toy Story undies!

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