Tuesday, March 27, 2012

20 Weeks Ultrasound and Appointment!

Jonathan and I went first thing this morning for our 20 week anatomy scan- even though we already knew the gender we couldn't wait to see our sweet boy and see that he was healthy. Praise the Lord- his heart, kidneys, and everything looked normal and healthy. Brewer's heart rate was 131 and he weighed in at 13oz. He was active the entire ultrasound up until the last 2 minutes. Getting measurements and a good look at his face was difficult for our tech,but she finally got what she wanted and we all enjoyed a good Brewer show! Another HUGE praise is that my placenta previa has corrected itself. This means no bed rest for me the rest of my pregnancy, no c- section as of now, and it gives us a much better piece of mind about the pregnancy. I have had a lot of anxiety this time around. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before,but I'm guessing it has to be due to our miscarriage last summer and I'm sure how difficult it is for us to conceive. I'm hoping I can finally start to enjoy this pregnancy. I'm feeling great so no need not to.

As far as I go I've gained 3lbs- total for this pregnancy. Not sure how bc I feel so big,but everyone is telling me I'm carrying a lot higher. I think their right because I feel so out of breath and I never felt like this with Baylor. My blood pressure was 125/75- awesome. For those of who have followed my blog throughout my pregnancy with Baylor may remember I had blood pressure issues with Baylor. So this is another huge praise for us. I return in 4 weeks for what may be last or second to last monthly appointment. Time is flying!

Please continue to keep Baby Brewer and Me in your prayers. We've had so many sweet friends and family praying for us up until now each and every prayer has been felt.

Please also keep me in your prayers I start my new job in the morning. First new job in almost 11 years- scary, but I'm so ready and thankful for this opportunity the Lord has provided me and my family with.

Now for some Brewer pictures...

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