Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ultrasound Pictures!

These aren't the best pictures of our ultrasound pictures, but I think you can tell what they are.

This was taken last Wednesday at my OB appointment. Sweet profile!

HaHa... Jonathan told Baylor we were having a baby pig when he saw this one. I had to explain all babies look like this so early on.

I can't wait to see what he or she looks like in 2 weeks!

Monday, January 23, 2012

10 Week OB Appt

Last was my first OB Appt and I was 10 1/2 week at that time. Before I saw my favorite OB I had a quick ultrasound to make sure Baby was doing ok and he or she was moving around and had a heartbeat of 171. The other point of the appointment was uneventful with a weight check, BP check, and we discussed the history of my pregnancy with Baylor.

So fast forward 2 days later to Friday morning. I was home with Baylor because when I picked him up Thursday afternoon from Gin Gin's he started vomiting- another lovely virus. I woke up and immediately knew something wasn't right. I called Jonathan so upset and told him he had to come home to watch Bay because I needed to get to the doctor. I called the office and didn't feel like waiting for an operator so I called my mom who also works for my OB and told her to call my Dr. D's nurse and the front desk and let them know I was coming right then. Thankfully they got me back after a few minutes and I spoke to the nurse and then went back for an ultrasound. The room was so quiet between me, my mom, and Amy the ultrasound tech. Right away we saw the baby moving all around with a heartbeat of 168 which was a huge relief, but I still was waiting to see what was causing the symptoms I was having. Amy then said I had a placenta previa. This is very common. A lot of women never even know they have have it because they never show any signs. The good news is that placenta previa is corrected by 20 weeks in 95% of women who have it. I was sent home on bed rest for the whole weekend. Let me tell you I could not imagine having to do this whole bed rest thing throughout the rest of my pregnancy. So I'm praying and ask that you join me in praying that it does correct itself and that I don't have any more issues caused from it. Not being able to care for Baylor this weekend was extremely difficult as I'm sure it would be on any mother. Jonathan and I are the type of parent's who like to do everything for Baylor ourselves. I know everyone is different, but we enjoy doing it all. That was my biggest concern the whole weekend- what if I have to go on bed rest longer? What if I have to stay in the hospital overnight? For the record Baylor has never spent the night away from us. Jonathan and I have had no reason to let him or wanted to. I don't see that changing anytime in the near future. We've joked that he may come home from the hospital after the baby's delivery to stay with Bay at night- and we might actually do it. Glad to know we're not the only one's who are the same way,but if we were that would be ok too. As parent's who both work full time and Jonathan who is back in school at night, we absolutely cherish every second we can get with our sweet little man that we worked so hard to have.

So that is my spill... Please, please keep me in your prayers- Pray that the placenta previa corrects itself. If for some reason it's not going to anytime soon then please pray I don't have any symptoms from it. Pray that I can stay healthy and off bed rest so I can care for sweet boy and help Jonathan out. I return for an ultrasound in 2 weeks just to see what's going on and if there are any changes.

I have ultrasound pictures from Wednesday and Friday that I'm going to try and post tomorrow.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Baby Cox Update!

Finally a Baby Cox update... I'm 10 weeks preggo now and starting to feel better. Fingers crossed. I thought I was going to skip the whole "morning" sickness thing this time,but it started a little later and has left without sticking around long, which I'm extremely thankful for. I got discharged from ART last Monday and will have my first OB Appointment on Wednesday morning right after I have my first OB ultrasound. I'm excited about seeing our sweet baby again. I'm going to miss my weekly ultrasounds at ART.

Here are some ultrasound pictures staring at week 6...

7 Weeks

8 Weeks

Another 8 week view. This is my favorite picture so far.

9 Weeks

I'll be back with an update after my OB appointment on Wednesday!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas 2011

As promised I'm finally getting around to doing a Christmas post. And as usual Christmas was a crazy, hectic, fun time. We started traditions with Baylor 3 Christmas' ago- can you believe he's been here for that many?! So of course we stuck to them and will continue too. One thing we always do is go to the Live Nativity. This year it moved out in front of Baptist East. It's starting to get a lot bigger and the new location was great. Next on our list was going to look at Christmas lights. We usually do this on Christmas Eve right after our Candlelight Service with my mom and brother's family. This year we did it the night before Christmas Eve and just my mom went with us. My brother and his family are preparing to welcome a sweet baby girl in just a week and a half so they've been busy. On Christmas Eve just the 3 of us like always headed to our Candlelight Service- in which they do not have childcare for their 2 services so Baylor and Daddy were out in the hallway for most of the service with several other dad's and children. After the service we stopped and got a bite to eat then headed home.

Now of all our traditions my favorite is that on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning it's just our family of 3- until we add our new addition next year! We let Baylor open one gift from Mommy and Daddy before bed. Then on Christmas morning we wake up with just our family on Christmas day. It seems like we are always rushing to see everyone so it's nice to have just family time with us 3 while we can. We look forward to this tradition with our sweet new baby next Christmas- just the 4 of us having a nice quiet Christmas Eve followed by family time on Christmas morning. Ahh... brings a grin to my face. Love that our family is growing!!

After our Christmas at home we headed over to my brother's to see what Santa brought the boys, exchange gifts, and enjoy a little family time before heading up to Birmingham to see Jonathan's family. We spend several hours up there eating lunch, exchanging gifts, and more family time. After a long day we headed back to Montgomery to once again get a little family time in with just us 3- we cherish these little moments.

I couldn't help but keep imagining how Christmas would be next year with two kids- and the thought of it just sounds like lots of fun and laughter for a new family of 4!

Now for some pictures...

Baylor in a sleigh at one of the houses we stopped at on our Christmas light tour.

Christmas Eve before church.

A little blurry, but I love this boy!

Opening his one gift he picked out on Christmas Eve!

Daddy and Bay playing with his new toy!

Bay and I!

Baylor's Christmas Countdown we did daily- idea off of pinterest.

Santa has come...

Sleeping Christmas morning. He did not want to get up. We woke him up so we could enjoy some time togehter before heading out to visit with family.


He really got in to opening all his gifts...

"Woody, jump? Ok."

This one got our of order... his look when we woke him up.

Christmas with his nephews! They love each other so muh- hugs and kisses to each other all the time.

Uncle Tab and Daddy had more fun with those guns than the kids did.

More presents...

Grayden driving Bay around on Bay's new tricycle from Granna!

Our family of 3 (4)!

Birmingham ready to open more presents.

Spoiled as always!

As big as him...

Cousin Emma opening presents too. He loves playing with the girls too!

Still opening...

We gave Jonathan's grandparent's a wrapped ultrasound picture to open since everyone watches them open their gifts...

Completely shocked..

Finally home and enjoying his toys from Santa.

Woody playing with his Woody doll.

Two posts in one day. Look at me. I'll be back soon with some Baby Cox updates and ultrasound pictures. We see Baby C 5 times now and it's amazing to see all the growth and development each week!

2 Year Check Up!

Baylor had his 2 year check up back at the beginning of December . He was such a big boy! He went potty in the cup for his urinalysis. The nurses were shocked when I asked if he needed to go in a cup. They said they don't see that many 2 year olds potty training that well, especially boys. He lucked out this check up and only had to pricked in the finger to blood work- at which he did not cry at all for. He is the 35% for weight- I promise he eats a lot most days. He is just so active. He is also in the top 95th percentile for height and Dr. M estimated his adult height to be 6"2- tall boy! I have the actually numbers writing down in on a piece of paper Dr.M gave me, but don't have it with me at the moment. I'll be back to update with those soon. We are very thankful we have a very healthy boy. He did have an ear infection which was caused from the croup he battled the week before, but after some good meds he was feeling great.

Here are a couple pictures of him waiting on Dr.M- why by the way he absolutely loves and do we!

Some things Baylor is up to are:

- Potty training and doing so well.

- In pull up during the day and diapers for naps and nap time

-Talking and Singing nonstop

-Tells us "love you"back when we tell him- melts my heart!

-See's his sibling's ultrasound picture and says "baby" in the cheesiest little voice. He's so cute!

-Love his Woody and Buzz that he got from Santa. He likes to say " to infinity and beyond" like Buzz.

- Favorite thing to eat is fruit- still. He would live off it if we let him.

-Absolutely adores his nephews. Asks for the them all the time. A week from Monday he will be getting a new niece too. Not to sure what he will think of her.

-Thinks timeout is the worst thing ever because he has to be still, but goes straight to it when I tell him to. He always trys " I have a boo" to get out- smart kid!

- And of course he has his Mommy and Daddy's whole heart!!