Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baylor's 1st Santa Visit!

Santa please don't drop me!

Our Handsome Baylor!

Sweet Boy!

We are VERY Blessed!!!

Today we took Baylor to his 1st Santa visit. It was a day I think we will always remember. I love all these "firsts" we are experiencing. It is so much fun! We drove up to The Bass Pro Shops this afternoon when Jonathan got off work and Granna rode with us. Tab, Meribeth, and the boys followed us up there. We stood in line for a while and right before it was Baylor's turn he woke up and wanted to eat. Our luck, right?! Needless to say he was a little fussy with Santa. Jonathan took pictures (13, I think) and I helped Santa handle our little man. Santa couldn't get a good hold on him bc he's so small and even asked me to sit him back up for him. He slid all the way down in Santa's lap.
I hope you enjoy the pictures. I'm only posting a few of the one's Jonathan took. The others are some I took before we left to see Santa.

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