Sunday, December 27, 2009

Baylor's 1st Christmas!!!

Christmas Eve after the Candlelight Service!

Waiting to open up my 1 present on Christmas Eve!

Baylor's 1st Christmas jammies!

Baylor with his Little People Nativity Scene from Granna!

Mommy set it up for me!

My 1st Christmas Ornament! (Mommy collects these Radko ornaments)

Mommy's kisses left on my cheek!
Christmas Morning!

Daddy opening my gifts at Uncle Tab's and Aunt Meribeth's

Handsome Man!

My reindeer Santa brought Me!

Santa brought me a frog too!

My 1st Christmas!

Sweet face!

Visiting my Grandpa and Aunt Ashley

Wearing the bib my Mommy and Daddy gave Grandpa the night they told him they were expecting Me!

This Christmas Jonathan and I feel extremely blessed to have our sweet Baylor. It was such a special time for us we will always remember our 1st Christmas as a family of 3! We started out Christmas Eve by going to the Candlelight Service at our Church. Baylor did so good. We thought he would do just fine,but I think we both were a little worried he might start crying during the service, but he never did. He did have a wet diaper half way through so Jonathan went out and changed him. Then they came back in. After the service we went home started a fire and opened up one of Baylor's gifts with him. This is something both Jonathan and I have done with our families growing up and we wanted to pass this tradition down to our children. The gift he opened up was one from Granna. He got a Fisher Price Little People Nativity Scene. I was SO excited. Jonathan and I had been looking EVERYWHERE for one of these. All the stores were sold out and there was no way we could get one here in time for Christmas. I really wanted him to have the 2009 edition since it was his 1st Christmas. So Jonathan and I were shocked when we saw what it was. I know he will have so much fun next Christmas playing with it and we will have love teaching him about the The Birth of our Christ Jesus. Then Christmas morning we woke up at 6:00 because we wanted to be able to spend a little time with Baylor opening up his gifts before we headed over to my brother's for breakfast and presents. Santa brought Baylor some Christmas Books, a frog, a little reindeer, some jammies, and some clothes. He also has one gift (personalized pacifiers) coming that didn't arrive before Christmas. After we all got dressed we headed over to Tab and Meribeth's house. We spent the morning over there with the Blackwell Clan, Granna, Meribeth's grandparents, her dad, and my grandparents. It was so much fun watching the boys open up all of their gifts. They got so much! We left from there and went to my Uncle's house and visited with him, my aunt, 2 cousins, and my aunt's family. It was good to see all of them. We don't see them often enough.

After our busy morning in Montgomery it was time to head up to Trussville to visit with all of Jonathan's mom's side of the family. We ate some good food, visited, and opened gifts. It was good to see all of his family. We don't see them that often either. That is what makes the Holidays so great! We headed back to Montgomery that night and went straight to my mom's to pick her up. Every year we go look at Christmas lights with Tab's family so headed over to there house and loaded up in their van. Everyone went except for Grayden. He stayed with his Mimi and Pops that night. This is another tradition we will pass down to Baylor. We really enjoy looking at all the lights and I know he will too.

Saturday afternoon we took Baylor out to the cemetery for the 1st time. It's tough going out there. Before Daddy passed away it wasn't as hard. I guess I had gotten use to going and visiting Ashley,but ever since he died it's been hard to even think about. I know they both had a great Christmas together celebrating with Jesus on his Birthday. The absence of their presence is always felt especially during the Holidays.

I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas as well!

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