Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Lot of Firsts!

Chloe chasing Hank! They loved the snow.

1st time in the snow!

He only had his hat for one picture;)

3 months!

Baylor with his "Baby Snowman"

Sweet Cousins!

The Blackwell Family!

Our Family of 3 in the snow!
Daddy and Baylor at Chuck E Cheese!

Emma feeding Riley cake! They were so cute!

The Birthday girl opening presents!

Tab and Grayden!

The Cox Men! (Jonathan, Larry w/Baylor, and Wayne)

Ready for bed in his V-day Jammies!

Valentine's morning with his goodies!
Giraffe pillow, Kissy Kissy outfit, and mini soft blocks!

Baylor in his crib with his goodies!

I think it's so funny when Mama takes my picture!

Mama's Valentine!

Baylor had a busy weekend full of lots of firsts! Friday he was suppose to have a his 1st V-Day party at daycare,but instead he had his first Snow Day with Mommy! It was such a fun day. Daddy got off work at lunch and came home to join us. Baylor liked the snow as long as it wasn't hitting him in the face. That afternoon we headed over to play with Tab, Meribeth, and the boys. They loved the snow too. We made a lot of fun memories that day! Oh and we're suppose to get more tomorrow!

Saturday he had another 1st. He went to his first B-day party. It was for his cousin Emma's 4th Birthday. It was in Birmingham at Chuck E Cheese. He enjoyed getting to see all the lights and sounds in there. Of course, he also enjoyed being held the whole time by all the family. WARNING if your planning on having a party there or going to one-it's a MAD HOUSE in there. Whew! It was fun seeing everyone, but it was so nice to walk out that door and get some fresh air!

Baylor also turned 3mos yesterday!!! More to come on that in my next post!

Then today was Bay's 1st Valentines! He woke up to some goodies from Mama and Daddy!

These are 2 videos we took on Friday playing in the snow! As you can see in the 2nd video, Baylor did not like the snow hitting him in the face so he didn't stay out in it for long. Enjoy!

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