Wednesday, February 10, 2010


12 Weeks Old & passed out!

Happy Boy during his 1st Super Bowl!

Serious look!

Cousin Riley looking at Baylor's Chick!

"Oh, it's his fingernail"

He's getting so big!

Sweet Baby!

It's been over a week since I blogged last so I thought I would just do a post with some recent pictures.

We have a busy weekend ahead so I will have lots to blog about. Friday is Baylor's 1st Valentine's Party at daycare all the kids are bring Valentines and Candy. I still haven't decided what he will take. I'm going to look for some ideas tonight. We are also suppose to get snow on Friday. Thats if the forecast stays the same. As of right now they are saying"it's not if we get snow, but how much." Then Saturday morning we are heading up to B'ham for Emma's (our niece) Birthday Party. She turned 4 last week. She is a big girl now! Saturday Baylor turns 3 months old! I can't believe our miracle is growing up so fast. I will do a 3 month update on him in the upcoming days. Then Sunday of course is Valentines (Baylor's 1st)! I'll be sure and update with lots of pictures after the weekend is over!


The Olives. Matt, Chandler and Hudson said...

Beautiful Baby!!!

The Cobbs said...

I love the new pictures! I especially love that little smocked outfit! I also love how you took his picture on the changing table! So cute!! :)